Thrifty Retirement — Use That Up and Save your valuable Money!

Plenty of perfectly good product-whether food, cosmetic, industrial supply, or other–gets pushed into landfills every day simply because people don’t make use of it up. It’s easier or faster to just throw out the previous few falls (or gallons) of a substance than to take a little additional time to use it all by cleaning out the container. As has been piso wifi pause time pointed out before, most all savings are a tradeoff of time for the money. Invest some time, save a little money. Even as stop working on the cheap, our time is easier to come by than our money.

A tablespoon of ketchup or a couple squirts of toothpaste don’t appear like much to throw, but multiply that by how many ketchup containers and toothpaste pontoons you’ve emptied in your life, and you’ll have broke up with a lot of good product. Then consider the number of people in a city or in a nation, and the number of ketchup containers and toothpaste pontoons all those people generate, and all of a sudden, you have a lot of waste!

Shows like to make fun of thrifty people who like to save money. But those who stop working on the cheap adore to save money! Keep an accumulation plastic scrapers in the kitchen to clean the last drop from salad attire containers and mustard jars. Just turn the old bottle upside down on top of the new one and leave it there a couple hours prior to the last drop has been transferred. Even if you mix varieties, you won’t be able to tell the flavor is slightly different.

As you use a tube of toothpaste, roll the end of computer and clip it with a binder clip to hold the substance in the business end of the tube. As you reach the end, use scissors to cut open the tube and dip your toothbrush into what’s left until it’s gone. You will always get an extra week or two people this way. If you can save one tube bottled and jarred packaged goods a year, that’s about $3. 00 in your pocket.

For a plastic bottle of shampoo or conditioner or conditioner, stand the new one upside down until no more comes out, and then rinse the bottle with a little water to use every drop. Many lotions are too thick to get out that way, so you will have to use a sharp chef’s knife to cut the bottle open and scoop out the remainder lotion. Again, what’s left lasts at least fourteen days, and best of all, it doesn’t go in the landfill. A respected consumer organization learned that some glass containers leave as much as 20% of the product stuck inside. A bottle of lotion can cost from $5 to $50 or more, depending on what lotion you use. If you can repair that last 20%, it could be worth $10. Now that’s saving money!

The same mindset applies to cleaning products. The few tablespoons in the bottom of a spray bottle don’t appear like much, but it takes only a few seconds to put that into the new bottle before you throw the old one. Be sure you rinse the empty bottle of liquid washing washing liquid before you throw it. There is an extra load of washing in it for you.

I once painted the medial side of both my garage doors with paint remaining from the last shade of white on the exterior in our house. I could have thrown it out as hazardous waste, but now the inside of the garage looks as good as the outside–for free. A gallon of paint bought new for those doors would have cost around $40, and that is money saved. Even better, the old paint is not in a landfill somewhere, polluting the earth.

One of definitely the use-that-up techniques is my printing paper. Most of us know to print on both sides of the paper anytime you can, and I print on the back of spam when i can. When i retired from the corporate world many years ago, I brought several years worth of the files with me. I now use it for printing paper, and I haven’t ever had to buy paper for my online business. The dates on the “back” of my new pages go back to the early 90s, and I giggle every time I see them.

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