Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Panda 4.0 Search Algorithm Update

There are a lot of websites that have been affected over time with the constant updates that the search engine runs on its protocols, and with the latest Panda 4.0 update, so many others keyword position check online felt the wrath of Google, and if the reports coming from Google are anything to go by, this is a war that Google will not relent on. It is a war of spammers versus the search engine.

The latest Panda update saw a lot of businesses lose traffic because they were poorly optimized. The biggest question for someone who is new to this would be what this Panda is and what the fuss is all about. Panda is basically an algorithm update which has been around since 2011. The main role that it plays is to weed out the low quality websites from the internet such that you basically cannot search for them on Google. If you do, the search will only yield other relevant results other than that which you were looking for.

The main target for the algorithm is often to get rid of copied or scraped content and spam websites. Google is particularly after those who use other people’s work to make theirs look incredible while they basically did nothing at all. Chances are so high that most of these websites often use cheaply paid articles to boost their presence online or highly/overly optimized content. By the end of the day these websites could rank so high up on the search engine, but the quality that they are delivering to the user is pure hogwash. In short, Google is trying to protect the interest of the end user, not just the original owner of the content.

It would really be awesome if someone would look for something online and find useful real content that they can rely on to make worthwhile decisions other than the spam content or spun content that will direct them to other people’s websites. When Panda was first rolled out in 2011 close to 12% of the internet was affected as far as internet traffic was concerned, and this trend has since helped get rid of so many poor quality websites from search engines.

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