Every parent requires child care at some point in the child’s developing years.┬áThis guide will provide an overview of the common questions that parents should inquire about in order to determine the quality of the best child-care facility for their child Child Care In Narre Warren.



Are they registered? Does this center hold a license or registration?

It is vital to verify that the center is compliant with all local ordinances and has the appropriate facilities in place to accommodate many children. There are two types of licenses a center is required to have in order to operate in accordance with local regulations.

The term “Provisional License” can be granted for a period of up to one year if the center is not in compliance with all standards imposed by law or the minimum requirements. A provisional license will be valid until written plans for bringing the center up to standards, giving specific dates for the completion of the work, are submitted Department for approval. Department.

“Full License” shall be issued when an applicant has shown the full compliance with center licensing laws and the minimal requirements.


Are there access 24 hours a day to the center, or are there limited hours that they are open? Very important for parents with odd work hours or schedules.

Does the facility has a drop-in/pick-up policy? It is wise to determine in advance whether you will be charged when you drop the child off in the morning or after you have picked up the child up. A majority of facilities have a strict time limit to pick up children. They also charge a fee every minute a parent is late picking up the child.

Is there pressure to be aware of certain times of the day?More precautions should be implemented if you’re dropping off or picking up your child at night or at night, than during the time of day when there could be less people available to assist should a situation that could be dangerous develop.

Does the center have security against unauthorised access to the public?
Children must always be secured from potential kidnapping or unsupervised parent access at all times. The facility should have a way to supervise access to the facilities by the general public and anyone who delivers.


What are the methods teachers and parents get in touch with each other? Pagers or cell phones? Are backup numbers in place in the case of a busy phone or emergency? The center should be able to provide details of every teacher as well as the head of the center in event of an emergency even when it’s after usual hours for operation (for centers that are open 24 hours a day).

Are parents meeting regularly or participating in training efforts? The center should allow parents to discuss issues at any point (not just when it comes time to pay the bill).

Is there an announcement from the center to inform the parent to upcoming scheduled activities or occasions? If the center organizes field trips, film programs, or other special occasions it is recommended that the newsletter be issued to the parent for the possibility of participation from children.


How do children get disciplined?Some parents prefer to discipline their child with only the “Time-Out approach. Some parents favor corporal punishment as a method of discipline. Additionally, some parents prefer that the center staff inform parents of the child’s behaviour and apply the discipline themshelves. Parents should always ask for the center’s policy for disciplining their children. Under what circumstances (if any) are corporal punishments used? These issues should be clearly communicated by the center (in written form) to the parent prior to the child’s departure from the center’s care to avoid any misunderstandings or possible legal action. If there are problems with the child, parents should be immediately informed of any discipline procedure that must be implemented.


Are the bathrooms neat, clear and closely monitored by at least two adults responsible for youngsters? This issue speaks directly about the cleanliness of the center as a whole. If the center isn’t keeping the bathroom clean, it’s unlikely to keep the rest of the center clean either. The bathroom should be clearly labeled and clearly accessible so that children can find it quickly when there is a need. For very young children going though the toilet-training phase bathroom, it should be watched by at least two adults so that if the child requires to be held in the bathroom, a second adult can get any other essential items to assist the parent and ensure that the child cannot be left on their own anytime in the bathroom.

Are there policies for caring for children with illnesses? Some diseases are susceptible to transfer and sick children shouldn’t be allowed to be mixed with other children at those moments. All centers must have a contact number for pediatricians available at all times in the event emergencies arise. Every accident should be written down to the parents and a back up copy of the accident should be kept in the records of the center.


Does the staff member have certification and are there ongoing training opportunities for staff involved in early childhood development? The center should have staff that is skilled in the handling of children. Additionally, there should be training opportunities for staff members to enhance their abilities if required. Additionally, children must be assigned to properly trained personnel to take care of children according to their specific needs and personalities.

Is there sufficient staff to provide interactive relationships with children? This issue is not only important to meet standards set by the state however, it is important to teach the children to communicate with their teacher and other children.

What is the staff-child ratio? A center that has a low staff to ratio to children will not be able to provide your child the time and attention that may be needed for individual difficulties with learning or for other issues.

What’s the policy regarding substitute teachers? Some children will connect better with certain teachers than other teachers. It is important for parents to know whether it is the case that a substitute teacher will replace the child’s regular teacher for a period of time and exactly for what length of a period of time. This is also true for any changes in the regular staff at the center.

Did you know that there were criminal background checks performed on all employees, including kitchen and custodial? With all the horrifying stories that circulate every day concerning children being abused, it is the one matter that parents can’t afford to overlook or take for granted. It’s enough said.


Who provides the food? The center should have a clear written policy about who will provide the food for the child. If it is the center’s duty, then it should include a written schedule of the food items that will be served to the child, and the time it will be available. If it’s the responsibility of the parent to provide the food, then the parent must ensure that all food items will be served to the child for the duration of the child’s stay at the center. The parent must also provide written instructions as to what foods should be provided during a particular meal and when they are required to be provided. In this case the child’s center may provide extra food for parents who do not provide enough food to keep the child occupied. The parent will likely be charged for the food items that are provided alongside any other obligations that are required for the child’s stay.

What number of adults will be there to help feed the children? There should always be enough adults available to help with feeding infants , so staff members do not lose focus during the feeding, or that the infant’s feeding does not get delayed due to other issues.

If the child has feeding difficulties, are their parents trained in specific techniques for feeding? This issue is vital to make it certain the kid is eating not only the right portion of their food, but to make sure that they are getting the appropriate food items for their diet. This means, making an effort to ensure that the child is not having a sugar high from candy or junk food.

Are food intakes reported to the parent, especially for infants? Since the infant cannot tell you if or when the food was consumed and when, the centre should give written notes of the food consumed by the infant and how much consumed, and at what times did the infant eat their food. For older children, such as toddlers, a written record is required to verify what the child said that they have eaten.


Is there a secure outdoor play space? This area should offer plenty of activities to keep children occupied and entertained. It should also be fenced around so that children don’t go off to areas that aren’t safe and that no unauthorized people have access to any child without the knowledge of the staff at the center.

Does there always be supervision for outdoor activities? Children should always be monitored outdoors in order to resolve any possible conflicts, avoid any unsafe activities, and attend to any possible accidents such as bruises or cuts that need to be treated immediately.

What activities are available in case of inclement weather? The center should always be able to plan activities in the occasion of rain or dangerous weather. Parents should be informed of what the plans are in case bad weather interrupts the outdoor playtime.


Do you have a daily schedule of developmentally suitable activities?

The center must provide an agenda of planned activities for all children . They should be grouped according to the development of the children to participate in the activities.

Are parents able to obtain copies of the daily program that includes activities? The center should be able to give the schedule of activities on request by parents.


Is there a regular period for napping and how long is the period? The center should set a time and a place for children to take naps throughout the day. The time frame should allow all children some time to unwind and relax during their stay in the center.

Can the parent observe the child during naptime and do they have electronic monitors in the room? The parent should be able to watch the kids sleeping, but the center may have a limit as to how many parents are allowed to be in the same room at one time , so as to not disrupt other children who are napping. For some centers, they might have electronic monitors in the room which will allow parents to more effectively supervise children while they are sleeping. It is a decision that a parent will have to make based on the age of the child and the size of the center, and also the supervision from the center’s staff. It could be a benefit, but it is not an obligation.

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