6 Top Problems With Computer Speaker Systems

Computer speakers are a great addition to anybodies computer system. For the amateur or most of the general population there are usually problems in setting up the computer speaker system. Below we have listed 6 of the main problems people may have with their computer speaker systems.

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1. No sound at all. Generally if nothing happens, and you have no sound at all then it is usually an easy solution http://itsnews.co.uk/. The first thing to check is the socket you have plugged the speakers into. On a sound card there are usually a number of sockets for microphones or line out etc. Check that your speakers are plugged into the speaker or headphone output socket. This may sound obvious but if your speakers are powered, have you plugged them in or installed batteries?

2. The sound is very quiet. If you have some sound but it is very quiet there could be a number of solutions. Most powered computer speaker systems have a volume control. Check that this is not just turned down low, set it at a higher level and check your sound again. If the volume level is set reasonably high then the problem will probably be with the master volume control on your computer. This is not a physical button and you need to find it on your operating system. You can get access to this on Windows by going into your control panel and finding the sound control section, the master volume and balance controls can be set from here. If this also fails then you need to check you have all the correct drivers for your sound card.

3. There is nowhere on my computers to plug my speakers into. Contrary to popular belief, not every computer is capable of creating sounds as standard. You need a sound card, often these are built into the computer mother board but a separate one will often give a much better sound and far more possibilities. You cannot just plug loud speakers into a computer, the output from the computer is often just a headphone socket and needs to be amplified.

4. The sound quality is awful. There could be many causes to bad sound quality but the main problem is usually the lack of a compatible driver. Update your sound card drivers from the manufacturers website. If you use a surround sound system you may have plugged the speakers into the wrong socket, this will cause a dull sounding system as the speakers cancel each other out or the noise may sound like it is coming from the wrong side.

5. My wireless speakers are crackly. Wireless computer speakers are a great invention and can tidy up a number of cables but they do come with problems. If the speakers are out of range or obstructed from the transmitter the sound will appear crackly and hiss. Although the sound quality is usually good, wireless speakers generally do not have as good a range as wired speakers, especially if they are a discount model.

6. The speakers make a strange noise when at higher volumes. The speakers may not be powerful enough for your use. You need to make sure you buy a computer speaker system that will be loud enough for you, bass response is important when gaming. You want to feel the room shake. Check the batteries or power supply for the amplifier and check for any faults on the speaker. If you can see the paper section of the speaker check it for damage, if this is ripped or has holes in it the sound will be dull, will lack the higher frequencies and the bass will sound distorted.

Computer speakers are what makes a computer experience enjoyable. As technology progresses so does the computer industry. With new computers come new speakers. The more speakers the better right? But who wants to deal with more wires?

The solution to less wires is a set of wireless computer speakers. Just as other wireless speakers, these are able to function by transmitting sound signals to the receiving speaker. They are available in a variety of shapes and capabilities, which causes there to be a range of prices for these speakers. A few of the best brands of wireless computer speakers are Sony, Logitech, Klipsch, Bose, and Advent. Many consumers are under the impression that the more expensive speakers have better sound quality; however, the average person can’t tell any difference between the different brands of high priced speakers and the mid range priced speakers.

A number of factors play into the end product of how enjoyable a set of wireless computer speakers will sound. Some consumers look for a low-frequency bass effect without the heavy “boom” when buying their computer speakers. Consumers who are looking for this type of surround sound will be happy to have wireless speakers. These speakers give the owner freedom to place the speakers wherever they please in order to achieve the sound they want. For example, you could place one speaker on the right side of your computer behind a houseplant located on top of your bookcase while the other speaker is placed behind a sculpture on the left side of your computer. You can easy disguise your computer speakers. No one will ever know where the sound is coming from since there is no extra wires and cords. There’s no need to drill holes or find a way to run the wires.

Many wireless computer speakers function by means of intermediate frequency technology, much like other cordless computer devices such as a keyboard or mouse. If you purchase a speaker system that is intermediate frequency and functions via bluetooth, you can place the speakers up to 16 feet from the main source. These type of speakers offer quality sound and require 3 triple-a batteries per speaker. They will cost around $70-$150. These speakers are also usable with your portable devices such as an ipod or other type of mp3 player that has this capability.

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