Japanese Cooking Supplies – What You Will Need?

Are you considering venturing onto creating scrumptious Japanese meals inside your kitchen? If you are a beginner on the art of Japanese cooking and have read recipes of which you would like to try and serve your friends and loved ones, then you must have the proper Japanese Cooking Supplies or hardware at your disposal.

Typical Japanese meal style "Ichi-ju san-sai" and "Teishoku " | Eatery Japan

Japanese cooking would mostly comprise of rice. This may be used as a stand alone dish as a complement to a viand or perhaps as a base for other dishes 清酒香港. Thus, the most important cooking equipment you will need in your kitchen is a rice cooker. There are many types of rice cookers available; these vary from the amount of rice it can cook.

Other features one can find in a rice cooker are those such as timers, keep warm functions, as well as different settings for cooking different kinds of rice. There are also some which are featured with an added function apart from cooking rice, some can even double in to a steamer for other dishes such as dimsums or gyozas.

Other Japanese Cooking Supplies would include a wooden spatula, wooden rice containers or what is more familiarly called as the hangiri. This is where rice is usually kept and fluffed to retain its freshness as well as when it needs to be mixed should one be planning to use it for sushi.

There is also a need for bamboo sushi rolling mats for one to be able to make a uniform size of sushi roll. Other than that, one will need a wok for stir frying as well as sautéing and other needs for vegetables, fish and meat. These and a few more will prove to be most useful in preparing Japanese dishes for friends and family. While there are substitutes one can use for these materials, it is still quite ideal to have the real thing; plus, one will still be able to use the items for other purposes.

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