17 Tips To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

As we all know, LinkedIn is probably the biggest internet social network of working professionals in the world. It’s similar to other social networks like Facebook or Google+, but users on LinkedIn are mostly connected based on their professional occupations and interests. It is a great place if you’re looking for the new job possibilities or if you are looking for some kind of professional advice. But, LinkedIn is not just a place where potential job seekers can search for better career opportunities. It is also the place which can be used by all kinds of business managers or business owners to improve their business in numerous different ways.

When wondering how to use LinkedIn to improve business you must be aware that there is a difference between small businesses and big corporations when usage of LinkedIn is concerned. Big corporations are usually using LinkedIn for head-hunting. Their Human Resources divisions are simply using LinkedIn, together with the other methods like job sites or newspaper advertising, as a way to find interesting candidates for their job openings businessmantalk.com. The other way that LinkedIn is used by big corporations is for marketing and PR purposes.

On the other hand small-business owners or managers are using LinkedIn in number of different situations. When used correctly LinkedIn is great tool to find new customers, clients, business partners or employees or to gain knowledge about different aspects of your business.

A successful business depends on networking. The growth of an organisation’s social capital via the resources available through business and personal networks is an important component of a business’ development. Shared among the members of the group, it creates value and facilitates the actions of the individuals within that social structure. Social capital acts as the glue that connects people and shows interconnectivity and interdependence.

In the last decade or so, modern technology and the prevalence of social media has made it even easier for people to develop their networks. With 135 million members scattered around 200 countries, effectively LinkedIn can be a surefire way of growing your business. For those who are just beginning to build their LinkedIn profiles, here are 17 tips and tricks to get the most out of it in growing your business.

1. Use LinkedIn to hire the best people. LinkedIn’s Corporate Solutions can be used by companies when they want to hire new staff. Posting open jobs can be quite easy. Assessing potential candidates is convenient since their profiles, skill sets and connections can easily be viewed. Some companies give employees referral bonuses for leveraging their LinkedIn connections and finding qualified people who can join the business.

2. Use LinkedIn as your knowledge base when facing a problem or need any advice about the parts of your business operations where you are not an expert. For example, if you acquired a non-local client and you’re wondering what is the best and cheapest way to deliver your products there are number of logistics and transportation experts on LinkedIn who will gladly give you some advice. Use LinkedIn Groups and Answers to find a solution to your problem.

3. Use LinkedIn to acquire new customers through personal recommendations. Ask your satisfied clients to give you written recommendation you can publish on your LinkedIn profile, so it can be viewed by millions of users. Having several recommendations will give you a huge advantage when compared to your competitors which don’t have any.

4. Use LinkedIn to find the right partner to outsource some of your business operations where you’re not the expert. For example, if you’re running a gym or are a personal trainer many of your clients will ask you about food and vitamin supplements. If you’re not familiar with the subject it’s better to find someone who is. You can arrange a deal with that partner where you will send him your clients interested in food supplements and he will send you his clients who wish to start exercising.

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