How to Hunt Coyotes at Night

As most of you, I have been awaiting this moment, to finally get my hands on BF3 and so far it’s been pleasant. Although I have not gotten a chance to play online (don’t rub it in), I have played the campaign. Most of you have probably forgotten and are probably wondering what that is, well it is the story part of the game that you play offline, now that that is clear, let’s dive in.

Let’s start with the positive’s: First, the game is beautiful and running around the maps was a lot of fun 7.62×39 bulk ammo. The game had this fresh feeling through out from just the scenery and environment. I was truly happy with the stages, they were big, beautiful and very detailed. One thing I was very, very fond of was the sound design. The sound design is better than I have seen in any game before. Each shot you take, you can hear the crack of the bullet and depending on where you are, the appropriate echo as well, followed by the casing hitting the ground, and even the casings had there own individual sounds. Not only is it the guns that sound great but things from footsteps and yelling to planes flying over and tanks blasting away, everything sounded great.

Another great addition to this game was Frostbite 2.0. Frostbite 2.0 is an engine that has been improved upon that made the whole experience way better. In every shooter (and really any game, ’cause it’s fun) I yearn for an environment that is destructible in all the best ways. With this news engine you can shoot and breakdown the cover that your enemy hides behind, break down the guard of the sniper picking you and your teammates off, or you can just blow big chunks of the wall out, see your enemy standing right in front of you and then proceed to blow big chunks out of them. Be ware, any thing you can do, so can the enemy.

Speaking of, I thought the game provided a good challenge. The enemy A.I. was pretty well developed and pretty skilled as well. like i said, anything you can do, so can they. If you can shoot through a crack in your defense, so can they. They seem to be pretty aware also, so if you think you’re going to take every one out peacefully from where you’re hiding, now is a good time to rethink that. Going along with that same thought, if you get too close, many an enemy will try to melee you till you stop moving. I thought they did a good job of getting you too keep your distance at times and letting you get in close at others, I’m g;ad because every one knows how fun melee-ing can be.

This is one of those games that just has several things right. For instance, I have played games where I can take a barrage of ammo to the face and still be alive, oppositely, I have also played games where I have been killed by a graze in the arm, this game has what I think is a really decent view on the subject that is reflected in the game. It only takes four or five good tags and you’re out.

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