Social Media App for Communities

Out there on the market are many mobile applications that are based on connecting people for friendships gay social network app. While such applications are considered to be ‘general’ apps, there was a need to develop a mobile app that typically focuses on connecting people with the same social classification. In other words, there was a grave need to have a community mobile application. Well, not anymore! There are a few mobile apps on Android and iOS that are based on worldwide communities.

The mobile apps based on communities are different as compared to general social media applications on the app stores. Depending on a particular caste, the app may divide people and put them under the same label. For instance, in India, one of the popular castes is Jain. The application may have people registered under ‘Jain’ caste, and this means, all of them are Jains. Likewise, different castes can have hundreds of thousands of people categorized according to their castes.

Mobile applications based on social classifications can have different features that help communities grow stronger and healthier. Such apps serve as online community directories. Here are a few features that leading caste directories offer:

Location wise search: A community application can have a search mode that is geo-specific. In other words, the community members can search their fellow community members according to the locations or proximity. Say, a Jain can search for Jain community members when he or she travels to another place.

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