All About Metal Engraving

Metal engraving is an art that has been practiced since time in memorial. It is like doing a tattoo on metal. The only difference is the surfaces. Back then, metal engraving was either done for identification of metal items and at times for decoration. In some countries like Egypt, the ancient kings, pharaohs wore crowns that were made of engraved gold. This art is done in many ways. There is the manual way that involves using an engraver to scoop out some of the metal parts forming a pattern. There are the modern ways that use machines to engrave on metal and the chemical way of using acid to corrode some part of the metal. Today, metal engraving is mainly done for beauty. Beautiful designs of trays and metal wall hangings are engraved with a pattern that makes the engraved piece look beautiful and appealing. A number of artists choose metal as their engraving material. They harness their artistic ideas and after they are done, some of these engraved pieces of art make their way into some of the world’s major art platforms like art exhibitions in Paris and Milan in Italy. Such an engraved piece of art collects a good price.

Custom Manufacturer of Metal Parts

Many gifts in today’s world are pieces of engraved metal. This includes the pendants on many necklaces as well as trophies in competition. The art of metal engraving has gone many steps sheet metal stamping services higher than the time when there were manual engravers. These days’ machines are used to do engraving within a short time. Chemicals too perfect the art of engraving since they work fast. What happens when using chemicals for engraving is that the artist draws a sketch of the design they want engraved on the metal. Wax is poured on the parts that are not to be engraved and the other parts are dipped in acid for a while. While the acid corrodes the parts without the wax, the other parts are protected. This way of engraving can even be practiced at home. However, an artist should exercise lots of caution while dealing with acids.

Metal Engraving is applies in making many utensils in the house like sugar bowls and trays. It is also used to make decoration accessories like curtain boxes and cupboard door handles. They give a touch of beauty and they are durable. You can get your own customized engraved piece. All you need to do is get a design of choice and it will be engraved on the metal you want.

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