Teaching Preschool: Is a College Degree Required?

So you want to teach preschool or daycare. Do you need a college degree? In most states and instances, the answer Tài chính ngân hàng is “NO”. So, why would you want to get a college degree to teach preschool? What would be the benefits?

Hopefully, the first benefit would be that you understanding children better. When you get a degree in early childhood education there are things that you will learn about child development that will give you compassion for children this age. What is typical of three, four and five year old children? Are they acting out or they just acting their age?

Because you have this understanding, you will be able to determine how to interact with the children in your care. Should you discipline and try to change behavior or should you let this one go by re-focusing the child’s attention? And how should you divert their attention? These are thing that classes in college will address and help you to cope with. Your education will help to make educated decisions about child care.

A second benefit to a college degree is that lesson planning will be explained. You will gain experience on planning daily activities and what a daily routine in preschool or daycare looks like. How does the day start? What comes next? What activity is good at the end of the day? How often should you show a video? Do you read from a children’s book every day? Is it better to read to the entire class, a small group, or one-on-one? These questions and more will be covered in your early childhood education classes.

You will get ideas for lessons that are appropriate for the preschool-age child. For example: a preschooler is ready to learn number recognition but not ready to add double digit numbers. A preschooler is ready to learn the alphabet but not ready to read sentences. Children can match and stack blocks but may not be ready to put together a jigsaw puzzle.

Your children may come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. Having a college degree should help you to reach all the children in your classroom, no matter what their background is. It will go over teaching methods so that no child is left out.

In college you will also learn how to communicate with parents. A good program will show you what type of newsletters and announcements to send home. This program will also teach you what to put in a child’s individual file. This could include address and phone number of the parents, who has permission to drop off and pick up the child, who has custody of the child and pictures of these important people.

For your own personal career, there are two reasons to get a college degree. First, in order to teach in a public school system, you must have a degree. Second, no matter where you are teaching, the chance for advancement will be possible if you have a college degree. In order to be the head teacher or the director in most any preschool, a college degree is required. This means an advancement in salary also.

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