Executive MBA The New MBA For Experienced Professionals

Both the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive MBA known as (EMBA) are established as international models for business education in both graduation and post graduation standards. The first MBA program was offered way back in 1900 and the first Executive MBA was started by University of Chicago in 1943MBA課程.

Now, there is wide range of MBA programs being offered by top institutes and universities for working managers and other professionals working on executive level. Options like evening class programs, weekend batches, distance learning has been made to accommodate the needs and requirements of working professionals.

Some big organizations and corporations provide in-house customized MBA programs for their managers. Figures show that number of enrollments in execut9ive MBA has surpassed the number of people taking admission in regular MBA program. EMBA tend to enroll students who are experienced men and women with proven track record and established leadership qualities.

Faculty of such high profile business administration programs is more knowledgeable and experienced than the regular ones. As they have to teach students who are already established in their career and have deep, engaged knowledge of their field. The feedback and the results of such programs is instant as, what they learn can be implemented and tested in the practical working environment of their organization. In such an era of cut through competition the demand of having more profound leadership and strategic thinking becomes more critical, the value of such executive MBA programs also increases.

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