Dishing Out The Best of Korean Food in New York

Korean food has always been synonymous with Kimchi, Bibimbap and barbecues at the table. Over the last few years Korean culture has been building steam all over New York City. Many Korean restaurants in New York have set up shop in a tiny slice of the city called Koreatown. This jam-packed neighborhood boasts of the best spas, delicious Korean barbecues and mouth watering Korean food in NY.

Here you will find authentic Korean food options ranging from fine dine, fast food, casual dining and the best Korean delivery in NY. Restaurants in K-town have definitely gone and put Korea on the map with their take on traditional food as well as a modern approach, showcasing their culture on the plate.

If you are into karaoke, Koreatown is the place to be. After enjoying a few drinks along with Karaoke you can enjoy a great Korean meal at the restaurants in Koreatown 商務到會. Many restaurants here have been in the business for more than a quarter century and are the go-to place for many Karaoke-ers. A few restaurants are open 24 hours and serve authentic Korean comfort food to its diners.

One of the most famous dishes among the locals here is the Seolleong Tang. It is a delicious bowl of broth, which is made by boiling ox bone for more than twelve hours to extract all the flavor, and is served with noodles and rice. Another delicacy here is the Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), which is made using high quality ingredients imported directly from South Korea. You can choose between the cabbage and radish Kimchi. The famous Korean dish is also incorporated in other dishes like the Kimchi Jeon (Vegetarian pancakes), which are a perfect takeout or delivery option.

If you are planning to visit this compelling neighborhood anytime soon, start your meal by ordering for a glass of soju. Soju is an alcoholic beverage of Korean origin that is traditionally made from rice, wheat and barley and is consumed neat. If you are not too adventurous you can choose from a list of beers, or try a ginger ale paired with their fried or steamed Mandu Dumplings. These are homemade pork dumpling that pair perfectly with soju, beer or ginger ale. If you do not have a big appetite, you can try out the Cured Salmon Bibimbap with ikura or try a traditional Korean dish called Bulgogi.

Some of the other dishes that are a must have at these Korean restaurants are Bossam and naengmyeon (cold noodles) which are a hit during the summers. You can also choose between their pork or beef barbecue dishes. If you are having trouble understanding the names of the dishes, ask your server, they will be more than happy to help you and take you through each dish.

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