Web Hosting – The Way You Want It

Why would you want to have someone build you a website from scratch when you can get exactly what you need for a very small monthly price. You can get what you want in a website for just a couple of dollars weekly instead of a whole bunch more. You will also get whatever help that you are after with this same inexpensive service.

One such way is to get on with GoDaddy and choose your domain name. Now GoDaddy does offer some web hosting plans so if you choose to go this route then when you sign up be sure to choose the economy plan for Linux. And actually if you sign up over the phone instead of on the web there is usually a further discount GoDaddy email login available to you.

Now you may be wondering why choose Linux? With Linux you can use their word press installation that works better on Linux. You wont need to know anything about Linux to manage your site, but you will have a more professional looking site that you will be able to do much more with than if you chose another way to go about it.

GoDaddy accounts offer a ton of free applications included and allows you to use various shopping carts. You can also install Mambo and Joomla and many more different applications in this word press format.

If you are planning on having a blogging format on this site, WordPress makes it easy to do this and gives you more of a manager type ability to take charge of what is going on. Using that sort of hosting will give you a nice site without you having to construct it completely yourself. That will make life a lot more easier. If you absolutely must have streaming video you can purchase the space there and then run them from there. That way you don’t need to have a dot com hosted site. You don’t have to pay a bunch to have a very nice site and web hosting that gives you exactly what you need.Cheap Business Web Hosting

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