Is It Possible to Create a Successful Game at Home?

If you are a computer games enthusiast and like anything computer related, believe me, creating your own games may be even more fun! It is really exciting to see that a character that you have created with, say, Inkscape or Gimp, is no longer a static image but it behaves the way that you designed. But you may think: “Hey, I don’t want to make a game just for myself, it makes no sense if just nobody else ever played it, and I can not compete against all those giant studios that make triple-A titles!”

Ok, that is probably true, but apart of the mainstream computer game market, there are niches, which are F95zone perfect for one-man studios, and small teams, like casual games, games for mobile devices (like Java games for cell-phones, games for iPhone, etc.), community games for Xbox. You could also try to sell your games through your own website, and become an independent game developer. There are really successful independent game developers, who not only make some extra cash making games, but also make a decent living this way!

You could also offer your game for free, and look just for fame and glory. There is nothing wrong about it. There are people developing independent games and there are people buying and enjoying them.

Ok. Before you get to the point where you will think of the best way to monetize your game, you must first create it. I recommend you start with Flash/ActionScript3 games – the AS3 programming language is easy to learn, flash games are relatively easy to publish and there is plenty of really good tutorials, even for absolute beginners. There’s also a decent open-source application for writing the AS3 code – Flashdevelop. Also, boldly go for C++ and DirectX coding, if you want to develop games for Windows-based PCs. This is not that difficult as it may seem, there are also plenty of excellent tutorials on the Web, and by learning it you will understand the basics of how the applications are built. You will benefit from it whatever technology for developing games you choose.

Do you need to have extraordinary art skills to create assets for your game? The quality of the game is of highest importance, but the quality doesn’t always mean stunning graphics or sounds. Remember “Tetris”? This is one of the most successful video games in the history. It was done almost of nothing else but a pure idea. Such ideas surely still wait out there to be discovered.

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