How To Manage a Business by Project Management System

Starting and running any business is a major challenge to anyone. I say this with confidence as I have had 30 years accounting and business management experience. Management style is a controversial topic as most people believe that each one has his own, unique style of managing his business.

In all types of businesses there are various management styles or methods. I have personally tried and tested many of them. Some work fine and others are totally unsuitable; some of them miss the mark completely PMP certification. This may be true to some extent but I tend to disagree. Using a model management style that is known to work is the solution that I prefer.

The Standard Project Management style of business management works best for me because it induces a strict time element, strict budgeting, structured responsibility and accountability at every level and it automatically monitors who is doing what, when, where, and how.

As you are aware, there are also a number of project management methodologies in use. The good old REP methodology works just fine for me. It was created by the J D Edwards Company many years ago and the acronym stands for: RELIABLE, EASY and PROVEN.

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