What makes the ITT Tech School of Criminal Justice Unique

A number of reasons make the ITT Tech school of criminal justice unique from other online programs. According to ITT Tech their programs are different from other online programs mainly because their programs are not completely self-guided. Instead ITT Tech lays down a firm schedule for students so that students are involved in regular courses of set duration with specific assignments and due dates.

There are other reasons why ITT Tech school of criminal justice is unique. ITT Tech is perhaps the only technical institution that offers a criminal justice program. While its technical programs are somewhat accepted, its criminal justice program has come under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad.. Although the Justice Department has admitted in June 2005 that so far they have not come across any incriminating evidence, they are still investigating some of the local schools and campuses of ITT Tech which has some 80 schools spread across 30 states of the United States. Incidentally, ITT Tech has also come under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commision but again they have come out unscathed with no fines or penalties being imposed on them. But the very fact that it has come under such investigations makes it unique among educational institutions.

ITT Tech school of criminal justice is also unique that although it is a large and reputed school and a fairly old one being established in 1969, it has still chosen not to get accredtation from any of the eight RA accreditation bodies. Instead, it is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Although ACICS is registered with the US Department of Education as such registration is manadatory, RA accredited colleges and many employers do not accept ACICS accreditation. Hence, many RA accredited schools may refuse transfer of credits earned at ITT Tech school of criminal justice. Similarly, degrees earned from ITT Tech school of criminal justice may not be enough or adequate for getting jobs in various law enforcement areas at the local, state or federal level.

On the positive side, ITT Tech school of criminal justice is unique in that it is one of the very few schools offering a bachelor level degree in cyber security which is a very contemporary subject and has good demand in both public and private sectors.

In the corporate arena and also in our daily lives falling behind in technology is quite a bad idea. But getting out in front is also a bit risky and not so smart either.

I read in a magazine that a German company Vitaphone recently brought out a new cell phone with only three buttons, each intended to allow an elderly user to speed-dial an emergency contact. It’s a clever idea with a potentially big market. But what I liked reading about the phone is that its main appeal is that it has less, not more, functionality than everything else on the market. The three-button cell phone also has people wondering: Is it a high-tech product?

The answer, of course, is something along the lines of maybe. But you do not hear much about sort of high-tech stuff. Instead, most things are pigeonholed as either high-tech or low tech, a false duality that ignores the fact that to thrive, nearly all businesses need to reside in a zone best characterized as medium tech.

We all know that companies that resist new technologies risk giving their competitors the edge in creating better, more efficient products and services. No one wants to be left behind because of a dumb or shortsighted tech decision. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs overcompensate for these fears and wind up underestimating the risks that are part and parcel of technology or assuming that technology is a business solution in its own right. Take for example, Mercedes that in 2002 proudly led the auto industry into the brave new world of computerized brake systems. These brakes would take over the driver’s duty in case of an emergency. No one ever thought of something like this and no one ever asked Mercedes for this feature. This system did not work so well for Mercedes, in terms of increasing its sales.

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