Crafting the All-Important Welcome Email

Email marketing is one of the most valuable assets in your marketing portfolio GoDaddy email login. Emails drive traffic, and without a doubt has been proven to be an effective channel to reach out to your clients and customers and increase sales. In addition to increasing sales, sending out emails is also a way to reach out to people and build good relationships. It is important to see your list not only as money you can make, but people who can help you grow and become better. It is important that the emails you send to your subscribers offer some benefit to them and leaves a lasting impression, and you should do that from the first email.

Your welcome email is the most important email you would send out to your subscribers. It is the first time that visitor would get in contact with your brand and business. The main goal of a welcome email is to get the attention of your visitors and keep them engaged, as such the content you include in it should be optimized to achieve continuous engagement.

A recent statistic shows that out of all the marketing emails you would send, the welcome email is has an open rate of about 60%, making it the most read email, welcome emails can be a determinant on how of the level of engagement to expect with your content. If you are able to connect with the subscriber with your welcome email, it’s a hit, but if your welcome email makes the subscriber want to shove it aside or delete, you should consider changing it up.

When setting up an email marketing campaign, it is best to get it right from the start, by using an autoresponder. Autoresponders have been proven to be the best resource for managing email marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the autoresponder service you decide to use, the welcome email should be sent out on day 0, as soon as the subscriber signs up to your campaign.

Generally you would send out 1 welcome email. Most sites offer an incentive to the visitor when they subscribe to their site, this could be a report, eBook, checklist, video series or set of challenges. You should include your free offer in the first email, even when you are sending out a set of video series or daily challenges, the first email should stand out from the rest.

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