Hosted Email – Truth About Corporate E-Mail Hosting Revealed

The founder of Imnica Mail is a self-proclaimed internet marketing junkie… and he developed this service specifically for internet marketers. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns (high open rates and high clickthru rates), this autoresponder system is quite attractive.

Two of the most popular email service providers (AWeber Communications and Get Response) drastically raised their prices recently. And one of the best corporate email hosting services (InfusionSoft) is very expensive and not affordable for the masses. So a new hosted email service was needed, and Imnica Mail seems to fit the bill GoDaddy email login.

This email autoresponder service is surprisingly robust considering its price. Everything from A/B split testing (coming in April) to detailed tracking (opens and clickthru rates) to automatic blogging notifications offers up quite an attractive package for the typical email marketer.

Now if you’re looking for lots of bells and whistles and require working with a huge company, Imnica Mail is not for you. Imnica Mail is a tiny company. And the founder focuses on function rather than looks. But if you’re looking to send out thousands of emails at a fraction of what it used to cost, Imnica Mail might be for you.

Here are the best features of Imnica Mail:

Many hosted email services tell us double opt-in produces the best subscriber. But that’s not necessarily true. You get the option to send emails to those who either confirmed their subscription (i.e. double option) or single opt-in. A lot of internet marketers have tested both options and find a single opt-in setting generates more revenue compared to a double opt-in setting.

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