STOP! Blog SEO Tips You MUST Not Miss – The #1 Rule For Ranking Well on Your Blog Extremely FAST!

Are you confused by all of the SEO tips you’ve gotten for your blog? Do you find all of the on site optimization tips far too complicated, complex and hard to understand? If you are anything like I was when I first got started, you probably have your hand up high, right?

It’s true….with so many self appointment “experts”, gurus and blogging “know it all’s”, it’s often difficult to separate fact from fiction And if you’ve been paying attention at all…the REAL irony is that so much of the advice that’s out there is literally completely contradictory, making the process of picking the proper path all the more prickly and pernicious.

So what is the BEST way to optimize your blog for maximum SEO benefit?

Links. High quality, incoming links. That’s it. Now, usually the best way to build incoming links is to create killer content on your blog, so that’s sort of an understood. People link to stuff that they like, and the more links you have that look (or are) natural, complimentary and authoritative, the more “trust” you are going to get on a given topic or set of keywords.

But….the good news is you can ALSO manufacture your own incoming links, in a completely natural, ecologically sound and “white hat” way. How? Well, take this article for example. It’s NOT on my blog, but instead, on a highly “trusted” article directory. It gives me the opportunity to select anchor text that I’d like to use to link to ANY page I choose on my own consulting blog, and when Google “spiders” this article, they will follow the anchor text back to me.

But remember, this is a strategy of SCALE. You have many article directories to choose from, press releases, other blogs you own or control, social sites and profiles, hub pages and much, much more. You can literally, within a day, create a rotating series of high quality incoming links for just about any set of keywords you’d like, all “pointing” to wherever you want, and WITHOUT having to spend a dime to do it! (very cool, very easy and VERY productive for sure..:-)

When I first started out marketing on the Internet in 1998, I came from pretty much nothing. I wish I had The Network Marketing Magazine Blog to get me started. Luckily I had a place to stay but not much else. The first 2 years I spent learning a lot of stuff and doing a ton of testing. Right off the bat I was earning money but it was about minimum wage online money. I invested 50% of what I earned into Marketing Courses and education. Fast forward to the year 2001 I earned a much more substantial education.

Here is a quote from Robert Kiyosaki. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. My point is I can’t tell you how many multi-million dollar opportunities slipped right through my fingers because I didn’t have the knowledge to take advantage of them. And the most scary thing was I knew this was happening but was powerless to do anything about it.

So 3 years ago I made a commitment to learn every skill I had to so I can easily make a six figure income online. And The Network Marketing Magazine Blog is a great resource to get you stared in this direction. What’s crazy is that after 11 years of marketing online and earning very impressive income, I’m realizing myself that my educational journey is just beginning. I have a long list of educational objectives written on my wall that I’ve made it a point to learn within the next 3 years.

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