Choose Tungsten Rings For Its Durability Qualities

Titanium rings has long been sought after because of its long-lasting quality as wedding bands, but recently, tungsten has taken that further into a whole new level where it is considered to be the strongest metal available in today’s jewelry market clearance tungsten rings. There is a huge trend recently on the usage of tungsten rings as wedding bands due to its unique quality.

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Tungsten is forged with carbon (carbide) at extremely high temperatures way past 2000 degrees. The result from this process is rings (tungsten carbide rings) that are scratch and dent resistant.

In case you are wondering how hard tungsten is, let’s use other metals as a comparison. Tungsten metal is 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times harder than titanium.

These rings will continue to look the same as the day they were purchased no matter how much abuse they take. Tungsten Carbide rings are the only ones in the market that can boast this feature. A Tungsten ring price can range between double and triple digits. The range is huge because there are some lower qualities rings that are mixed with cobalt, which is a metal that can cause negative reaction when in contact with skin. It is imperative to ask the jeweler whether the tungsten ring contains any cobalt properties before buying it.

The only problem with these rings is resizing, as it is very difficult to resize a tungsten ring. They can usually only be resized for a high cost which can range anywhere from $50 to $100. Please do ensure you get them in the correct sizes before buying them.

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