Debt Relief Report: Top Advice to Get Rid of Gambling Debt

Gambling is one of the worse habits you could have. Famous people like Dostoyevsky lost all their money in casinos. When you’re a gambler, it is also almost impossible to have a healthy relationship. People who gamble are trying to hide their loss to their close ones, when their partner and family discover the addiction trust can be lost. People who are losing a lot of money also often try to win it back and, in the end, they lose a lot more. A lot of gamblers also have credit card debts because they don’t want to acknowledge their financial problems.

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The only way you can get rid of this habit is stopping completely to gamble. Beware of the techniques you are using.

One friend of mine who was a gambler tried to play with play money in an online casino and reading self- help on the subject. At the beginning it worked pretty well DominoQQ. He was less irritated about the idea of stop to gamble. Before that it was really difficult to talk to him about stopping. It became so important to him that I didn’t event imagine to stop. It was also a lot of better with his girlfriend. They really had problems with his addiction in their relationship. When he stopped playing for real money the tension disappeared.

Unfortunately, soon after he deposited some money on online casino to lose it all a few days after. He’s still in the process of trying to stop.

I think his story shows that self-help can work but it is always better to seek some counselling. My friend almost managed to stop but I know that some event in his family might have pushed him to gamble again. If you read self- help book about gambling but also have a professional to talk to it will be a lot easier to stay away from casinos. There are a lot of meeting which can allow you to talk about your problems. There is a lot of Gamblers Anonymous across the globe.

To get rid of your gambling addiction you need to talk about it. It can be really difficult to talk about it with your family or partner because sometimes the trust is lost. That’s the reason why talking to a professional will really help you even if you’re using effective self-help techniques. They will give you a lot of precious advices.

Get rid of your gambling addiction is only the first step to get debt free. You also need to know about debt relief programs. A lot of programs can help you: debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management plan… Make sure you know the debt relief industry before enrolling in a program. There are a lot of scammers in this industry and you may lose thousands of dollars.

One rule that should be taken into consideration when attempting to beat roulette and increasing your odds is the little known and seldom used En Prison rule. This works in a similar but slightly different way to the surrender rule and is not very common anymore when it comes to roulette, however this does not mean that you can’t find a table either in the real world or online that doesn’t use it.

It works to neutralise the large house edge the casino has in place with the ‘0’ and ’00’ slots, making the odds slightly better for the player. In some cases it can even out the odds entirely, however the En Prison rule only applies when making an even odds bet, for example if you’re betting on red or black, odds or evens, or high and low.

If you are betting on one of these areas and the ball lands on the ‘0’ or ’00’ slots, your bet is held ‘En Prison’ or ‘In Prison’ for the next round. If the ball lands on the section you were betting on in the next round, your money is returned to you, however you will not make any further profit from that bet.

If you are employing a betting strategy that encompasses you betting on an even odds section of the board and the casino has the En Prison rule in place, then it effectively neutralises the effect of the ‘0’ and ’00’ slots on the board, that is as long as you win on the next round.

Although this isn’t a huge way of increasing your odds in roulette, it is a small gain that can be used to work the odds in your favour. However if it’s real money that you’re looking to win from an online casino, my recommendation is still and will always be to use a roulette beating program of the electronic kind.

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