How To Get MLM Leads Online

To find network marketing success in mutli level marketing, you need to know how to get mlm leads online New Backpage. The days of making a list of family and friends, calling strangers on the phone and trying to convince them to go to your company’s weekly hotel meeting are done. Those methods are outdated and simply do not work.

You need to know how to get MLM leads online if you ever want to make a good MLM income with your network marketing company. There are many advertising methods and techniques that the top MLM earners use and I will go over a few of the top ones in this article. These methods I have personally had success with myself and if done consistently, anybody can achieve great results with them.

When I was a beginner and learning how to get MLM leads online, the first thing that my mentor taught me was to leverage my time. Most beginners just stick to basic free online classified websites like Craigslist and Backpage. There’s nothing wrong with posting free classified ads but it is not a good long-term MLM income building strategy. The problem is that once you stop posting ads, the leads stop coming in. You also have to post a massive amount of ads to see any results and that can be very time consuming. To find long-term network marketing success, you need to do “set it and forget it” type advertising.

When I say “Set it and forget it” advertising, I’m referring to advertising methods where you only have to do the ad one time and it will continue to bring you in leads over and over again on autopilot. You could be on vacation or even sleeping and your “set it and forget it” ads continue to bring you in new leads and grow your mlm income. These ads will show up in search engine results 10 years from now and will continue to bring you signups off one single action that you did years ago. This is how you leverage your time!

These types of ads are the answer to how to get MLM leads online. It is what all of the top MLM earners do to find network marketing success. Some of these advertising methods include ezine articles (like the one you’re reading right now), blogs, YouTube videos and pay per click ads such Google and Bing ads.

These types of “set it and forget it” ads are what the majority of my MLM income is generated from. I still run some free online classified ads but only a small percentage of my time is spent on them. The key to finding network marketing success with these types of ads is to make sure that they are based around keywords and keyword phrases. A keyword phrase is a phrase that someone would type into a search engine when they are looking to find more information on something (ex. How to make money online?). You want to make sure that the keyword phrase that you’re using does not have a lot of competition. Google AdWords and BingAds have a free tool that you can use to see how many people are searching for a particular keyword/keyword phrase each month and the level of competition (how many people are advertising using that keyword) for it.

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