Five Reasons to Blog in the Age of Social Media

Everybody’s a-Twitter now, it seems. In restaurants, waiting in line at the bank, even at the movies, somebody has a smart phone in hand recording the minutiae of the day in 140 character increments. With Twitter, one of the most powerful social media platforms available, people can receive and disseminate information quickly and briefly – it abbreviates the news while we can zip through headlines and direct our attentions elsewhere. One has to wonder with micro-posting networks like Twitter and Facebook, do we need blogs anymore? The answer is a resounding yes.

Blogs do fall into the category of social media The standard content management system of a blog has normally allowed for readers to offer instant feedback on posts, and with platforms like WordPress and Blogger, the user can integrate a number of enhancements on a blog to display everything from affiliate and advertising links to embedded videos. If ever there was a time to blog, this growing age of online social domination is it.

Blogging was our first taste of web 2.0 because of the interactivity of articles and comments and the very fact of ‘user-generated content.’ The search engines began to spider blogs more quickly as the frequent updates and freshness of user content triggered them to return often so as to keep up with news, public opinion, social happenings and trends.

Blogs, and especially WordPress or ‘WP’ platform based blogs, quickly overtook static HTML web sites, appearing in the tens of millions from about 2004. However, the default or classic templates and themes supplied at no cost by were not optimized for the search engines. There were problems such as duplicate page titles — while it is absolutely essential to have unique titles. Another problem for search engines was the question mark which appears with dynamic page generation. PHP is a neat ‘pre-HTML processing’ system but it needed a better way of creating permalinks that displayed key phrases, rather than using a question mark followed by a page reference number.

Technical aspects become very important with blogs, when you need to know how to get more traffic, meaning web visitors, to a WordPress blog. Whole new industries have sprung up on The Internet to provide:

Real estate agents know that technology is offering numerous opportunities. It is also facilitating many transactions. The Internet is particularly an effective marketing technology tool. Putting up your own Website would be effective. If doing so would be too costly, you could easily put up your own blog, as doing so could surely be much less costly. Blog to sell, advertise, and market your real estate services and properties for sale.

The blogosphere is expanding in a very rapid and interesting manner. There are just hundreds of thousands of blogs that are actively operating online. That is why you should always strive to make your own blog stand out. How could you possibly do that? The answer is quite simple: post interesting, informative, and helpful content that readers would surely take time reading. Here are several effective blogging ideas that you could use as a real estate agent.

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