The Hidden Costs of Free Online Tax Preparation Services

If you need to file your taxes and you are looking into free tax filing services you should be sure that there are some hidden costs involved most of the time. While many services boast a lack of hidden costs, it is almost inevitable that you will pay something, though the service claimed to be free. The fact of the matter is that many services claim to be free, but then you will pay to file the returns electronically; therefore the services are not free at all!

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The way that online free online tax filing services get away with calling their services free is that they say that the service is free; you simply have to pay a convenience fee as well as the price of filing electronically. What this means is that you can end up walking away from your free tax preparation with a bill for $50 or more Tax Preparation Services. This really isn’t a bad deal, but when you think that you are getting something for free it can be quite a shock to receive a bill for this dollar amount.

There are cheaper tax service options out there, but generally if you want to have your taxes done right you will need to pay a bit. Other than the actual hidden costs of convenience and electronic filing, you should be aware that many tax service options that say that they are free don’t charge you, but you lose money because the system is not able to pick up all of the deductions that you may be able to take. This takes money out of your pocket. Many people end up owing money to the IRS when they use these services when they could have had a refund if they had used a different service or done their taxes on their own.

The hidden costs of free online tax preparation services can cost tax payers quite a bit of money. This is why you should be assure free tax providers really know what are they doing and will go to bat for you looking for deductions that will save you money, and perhaps get a great refund for you. Ask about the systems that they use and also ask for credentials before you accept the supposedly free help from someone. The saying that says “you get what you pay for” applies to free tax filing services as well as other things.

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