How to access KickAss Torrents (KAT) – Weekly Post

In just a few short years, the peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol BitTorrent has become one of the most popular methods of file sharing on the Internet. With an ever growing amount of legal content available via “Torrents,” Downloading BitTorrents has a very bright future.

What makes BitTorrent different than other P2P networks is its extremely efficient distribution method Kickass torrents. Unlike other file sharing networks where downloads slow as more and more users download the files, downloads will get faster the more users that are online, downloading and sharing the files. The BitTorrent protocol is currently the amongst the fastest at moving very large files across the Internet.

In order to begin, the first thing you need to track down is a piece of software to act as the BitTorrent Client. Some users recommend uTorrent because of its small size and limited system resource usage. Others prefer the torrent clients, Azureus and BitComet thehiltonian. I recommend you download a couple of different clients and use the one you feel most comfortable with. These clients are easy to install as any other software and very small. Once installed you are just about ready to begin downloading. To find files to download, goto any search engine and search for “Torrent Tracker” or “BitTorrent Tracker.”

In order to download a file using BitTorrent, another user must be uploading (also called “seeding” the file with their own torrent client. Choose the file to download, click the link to the .torrent file on the tracker page. This will trigger your installed client to open begin downloading to your computer. The more seeders the file has the faster the download will go. There is a very good chance that others downloading the torrent will be able to see your ip address so be sure to only use BitTorrent for its intended legal purpose.

I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all my life-Harrisburg for six months-and I’m a tad embarrassed to say I’ve never taken the family to Hershey, PA. With my name being Coco, you can imagine I’ve been the butt of many jokes on the subject. (It doesn’t matter that the name is VERY French and has nothing to do with chocolate.) So I decided it was time to stop the madness and “coax” (yeah, right) my brood into our new Pontiac Torrent for the extremely short ride to Hershey for the weekend.

With my very weak stomach, not to mention a fear of heights, speed, and fun in general, I knew what I was in for. So, knowing of the infamous Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey, I decided that was the place we needed to stay. Sure, we could just stay at home in Harrisburg, but I wanted this to feel more like a real vacation from home. And after days of stomach-wrenching rides, fried food and crazy kids (that includes my husband who will henceforth be referred to as “the big kid”), I knew I’d need some serious recovery time.

As I made the whopping 17-minute drive from Harrisburg to Hershey (did I mention I was embarrassed?) in the Torrent SUV, I began to lose myself in a daydream. Ahhh….chocolate-scented massage oil, an indulgent Swedish massage, dipped berries, a glass of Champagne-OK, OK, back to reality for a minute…

We pulled up to the front of the Hotel Hershey and the bell hop promptly unloaded our luggage as the valet hopped in the Pontiac Torrent and drove it out of site. Before I could even slide the room key into or door, my kids (the big one included) were tugging at me to hurry up so we could get to HersheyPark. After all, it was 10 a.m. and time was a wastin’!

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