The Best Breakup Songs to Mend Your Broken Heart

What’s the best thing to do after a break up? Well, it’s locking yourself up in your room after the big breakup confrontation and pick an awesome breakup song, put the volume in full blast and just drown yourself in the melody. There. That ought to make you forget that jerk’s name. Great breakup songs can vary from upbeat cheerful power songs, to slow and sorrowful songs, down to angry in full rage songs. A breakup playlist would consist any of these genres. Although others are a bit hesitant to take this route because it might lead to an emotional turmoil, however the ups and downs of a breakup will let you get in touch with every beautiful melody and passionate lyrics. In this list, each song evokes certain emotional response that aids you to grieve and eventually move on.

On the other hand, there are also songs that suit perfectly those who broke up with the love of their life pagalword. In fact, there’s multitude of songs for that. Here is a list of some of the greatest breakup (and get back together) songs that we compiled for you:

1. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Let You Go”: Although this song has a “stalker turned lifetime movie” vibe, it still has that fitting message to the broken hearted. An upbeat song that could uplift your spirit; it reminds us that a breakup is just a temporary thing. Ultimately this song is about perseverance.

2. Peaches and Herb’s “Reunited”: “I was a fool to ever leave your side. Me minus you is such a lonely ride. The breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad. I realize I love you ’cause I want you bad.” Who could ever forget these soulful and meaningful lyrics. This song, no doubt, is dubbed as the national anthem for getting back together and reconciling. It probably is also played during the hot and steamy makeup sex.

3. Michael Buble’s “Always on My Mind”: You might also want to check out the version done by Elvis, Pet Shop Boys, and Willie Nelson. Heck almost everyone did their own rendition of this song (perhaps, Metallica?), it is that good. “Always on My Mind” is a song that revolves around a man who realized his shortcomings and faults in a relationship and ultimately asks for a second chance. This song reminds us of how important reconciliation is: realizing our mistakes and initiating to set things right.

4. Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds”: Phil’s song takes us to that point in our life where we’re broken, shattered and devastated from a breakup. This number is such a soulful ballad. The hit maker also aims to remind us through this song that getting back together is possible even if the odds are not always in our favor. It is worth a shot.

5. John Waite’s “I Ain’t Missing You”: This song could definitely pass at the “Best Songs about Denial” hit list because it is basically what it is about. This upbeat number is about a man who tries to convince himself that he does not miss his ex. But wait ’till you’re at the near end of the song, he’s still trying to convince himself and boy he’s not fooling anyone.

6. Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”: This biggest fan of Kanye West, pun intended, makes it crystal clear that there’s no way she’ll reunite with an ex (like never ever ever). But who’s she fooling; clearly if she can write a song about her ex then there must be some feelings around there. What she might have meant was, “We are never ever getting back together until I make up my mind.” But that wouldn’t be as catchy so… okay.

7. Dean Martin’ “Return to Me”: This guy right here redefined the word cool in America back in the 50s and 60s. Though no one would ever picture him out as someone who would beg but “Return to Me” depicts a person full of loneliness and pleading for his love to come back. Although the song may be all about a lover who is away from a trip, it can still apply to breakup. This shows us that even Dean Martin can swallow his own pride just to get the love of his life back, we can too.

8. Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”: “I Will Always Love You” is a very relatable song because of our unfathomable admiration to Kevin Costner (well at least for the least part of it). Exes everywhere can relate to this song too. It teaches us that a break up cannot cut the feelings of love – well, most of the time at least. Even after the relationship has ended, love still exists. This makes reuniting possible and likely.

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