Start To Lose Fat With Wii Workout Games

Nintendo scored a hit when they released Wii. During that time, game console are more focused on hardcore gamers, while Nintendo made a good job of releasing a game console for casual gamers. After Nintendo Wii, comes another innovation from the same manufacturer – Wii Fit. Aside from the classic Wii Motion Controller, they also introduced the controller called Wii Motion Plus that offers more complex movements for players.

Traditional game consoles kept a player sitting down all day while holding their controllers, but Wii Fit was able to change this by keeping the players moving, and motivate them to exercise while playing. People started to enjoy this console, and a lot of experts have seen great potential for this game console 안전놀이터.

There are a lot of training exercises that Wii Fit offers, and these include some strength enhancement, balance improvement and even aerobics. These games are focused on the fitness of the player, and Nintendo has done a great job of making workouts more fun and enjoyable.

EA (Entertainment Arts) is undeniably the best sports game developer and has been in the front line of the competition for years. Today, they joined Wii Fit to develop a game called EA Sports Active, a game that is focused in personal fitness programs that will help you stay in perfect shape. This November 2010, EA will be releasing Sports Active 2, which offers better training exercises for casual gamers who love to stay fit.

This game features a 30-day challenge that will help you get back in to shape within 3- days. This feature also comes with a calorie counter that counts the calories that you have burned throughout your session. EA Sports Active also has a personal trainer feature that will give you feedback as you do your customized fitness program.

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