Don’t Get Gridlocked in Your Business’ Car – Park With Effective Car Park Equipment

A lot of companies may have a car-park for employees, with clear marking for spaces you’d think that car parks should manage themselves but sadly some car-parks can become a right mess if left unattended or signposted. Left to their own devices motorists will often park in the first space they set eyes on but this can be trouble as you may end up driving down the wrong aisle or because a big queue.

There are some measures available though that can help you effectively organise your workplace car park so that all the instructions are clear to your employees. Firstly you need to have clear signs indicating where the parking area is and how to get in, clear entrance and exit signs can get this job done, as well as having some form of barrier or gate so that you can close the site during out of office hours driveway in bollards.

Failure to do so could allow other motorists or joy riders to enter your property and they could dump their car on your property creating an entirely new headache. As well as securing your business you need to ensure that people are parked in the correct places, sometimes people who wither do not work at your company or don’t park in a designated bay can cause an obstruction, if this is on private land (your business) and you have clear warnings that vehicles can and will be clamped then you are within your rights to clamp any vehicle breaking your rules.

The motorist who has parked illegally will no doubt not try parking on your property again after this measure, helping to keep your car lot clear of obstructions which could hinder any other users. There are other car parking accessories available that can help you make sure your car park is clearly signalled such as speed humps, putting speed humps in your car park will encourage motorists to take their time when driving on your property. This will lower the number of collisions as drivers are driving slow enough to stop suddenly if anyone were to pull out of a parking space suddenly.

Caring for your business’ car park is another important task you will be responsible for, none more so than in the winter. Snow and ice can be a nightmare in a car park with many cars in close proximity to each other, sliding on the ice can occur with cars pinging into each other like pin balls. It’s important that you use rock salt or any other ice melting substance to make sure that not only your car park but all pavements are safe for cars and pedestrians to walk on. A lot of parking areas will have a grit bin and either a shovel or spreader which can distribute the salt out on to the surface to ensure that your car parks are cleared in time for when employees arrive.

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