Kinect Sports for Xbox 360

Use your Kinect for your Xbox 360 to turn into a world-class athlete in 6 different sporting activities – all from the comfort of your own living room! Really feel as if you were right there in the center of all the action and become the star player within your favorite sport.

Practice and become outstanding at an individual sport, or get the entire family involved with team and competitive sports. Each individual sport has got numerous modes which can be played – either solo, or competitively against others, or cooperatively with other people as a team. The 6 different sports which you can play are soccer, bowling, table tennis, beach volleyball, track and field and boxing 안전놀이터.

Each one of these sporting activities is simple to pick up, perceptive to your movements, easy to learn and yet challenging enough to keep you returning for more. Accumulate rewards for your accomplishments, and enjoy recognition and success when you are successful.


One of several really great features with the Kinect and Kinect Sports according to one player is the simplicity of use. She said that everybody, old or young could quickly work out how to use it, and it’s also surprisingly easy to add a second player. The second person basically has to step in front of the TV screen, and they’re automatically joined into the game.

When compared with similar games, like Wii Sports, people commented on how much more flexibility of movement you’ve got with Kinect Sports. It is possible to move about much more, dive, jump and run which makes for a fantastic workout.

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