Buying Domain Names For Your Business – Avoid These Seven Mistakes

If you want to buy a new domain name for your business, you need to think about why you are buying the domain name. For a website promoting a real-world business you may want a brandable domain name i.e. a short and catchy name buy domain name, which is easy for your customers to remember. Most web users still type in domain names by hand and they may hear your domain name on a radio ad or see it in a printed advertisement, and type it in from memory. Make it easy for them to get the spelling right and find you!

Here are seven mistakes you want to avoid when you are registering a domain name for your business.

1. Register a domain name which reflects your country if you business only services local visitors. It will probably cost a little more but a UK business should register a domain name, an Australian business a etc. In contrast if yours is primarily an online business and you are targeting North American visitors than you are better off with a dot com domain name.

2. Avoid domain names that fail the “radio test”. If you had to give this domain name out to listeners on a radio show would they be able to spell it correctly? If you sell shoes for example a site called is preferable to say or even worse Avoid names which are too long Also domain names with lots of double letters – again it makes hard for the visitor to remember the domain name – and yes web user do still type in domain names!).

3. Avoid settling for second best extensions. If your competitor already owns – don’t think you are smart and buy Most people think of dot com as the preferred extension for a website – if you have the .net or .org all you are doing is sending your visitors to your rival’s website.

4. Avoid using other people’s trademarks. This can get nasty and legal fast – just because you offer discount running shoes in your store – doesn’t meant that is a great name – Nike may very well be most unhappy with you using their trademark. Just because you don’t know that a term is trademarked is not an excuse either, consult a lawyer if you are unsure.

5. Thinking just one domain name will do. Domain names are cheap, dot coms cost around $10/year. If your SEO expert tells you that its sometimes better to have multiple domains including the words you want searchers to find you by – he or she is right. You might trade as but if you actually sell second hand designer hand bags then it might be worth buying several more domains which contain those words.

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