Entertainment Takes on Many Forms

Entertainment is a slippery term. As the old Paul Simon song declares, “One man’s ceiling is other man’s floor.” Simply put one man can view a particular activity as supremely fun and engaging while another man can view the same activity as tedious and mind numbing as digging ditches in the August sun. The point is there is no right answer to just what entertainment is and isn’t. All entertainment does have some universal criteria though. As a beginning point all it has the universal aspect and appeal of completely whisking your mind away from the mundane aspects of daily life and transporting you into an engaging and alternate reality. Movies are a good example of this sort of vehicle. A well written, acted and produced script is the necessary ingredient to construct such a fantasy or real life film scenario where viewers can completely lose themselves. Some of the biggest blockbuster movies that have accomplished this. Although these examples are in the category of science fiction historic films can also be well equipped to whisk you away from you normal life; the Iron Lady and Zero Dark Thirty are two examples of this form that come to mind.

Music is another universal form of entertainment not only listening to it but also playing it. Audiences for concerts of all types are huge worldwide and the impact of music on the world over the ages has been enormous. Music has been not only a glimpse of the societies that were in style at that point in history but also a reflection of the individuals of the period. Of all the forms of entertainment the arts, which include music, painting and literature have been and still are the most popular forms in use in the world 유흥알바.

But the choice you make that speaks directly to you is not something that needs to be mainstream to be acceptable. We are all individuals on this Earth with individual tastes, likes and dislikes. You may be a person that enjoys and finds entomology relaxing. Or you might like and enjoy remodeling and gardening as a hobby. There is no right or for that matter wrong answer when it comes to what entertainment is for you.

There are of course selections you can make that can not only transport you to an alternate reality but also can educate and broaden you view of life and the world around you. Reading and travel pursuits are just two example of this. There are also forms that can begin as simple diversions or pursuits that later transform themselves into full time career paths. One of the premier Christian apologetic writers of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis, began his apologetics career as a writer in the pursuit of intellectual enjoyment by writing about his passion part time. So the moral of this story is where ever your mind and tendency leads you there is no telling where you will finally end up.

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