Desperate Debbie Discovers Driving Traffic to Her Website Takes More Than A Point And A Click

Debbie is down in the dumps. Her website isn’t ranking very high in the search engine results. As a result of those results, she’s not getting many visitors and hasn’t made a sale in months.

She’s tried a lot of traffic generating techniques. She bought most of the hot new Internet marketing products that promised streams of traffic. But, after a hectic and troublesome six months, her website still isn’t doing well.

Her website offers women’s running shoes, running shorts, athletic tops and accessories. Six months ago she thought it was a great niche, now she’s not so sure. Debbie is flustered, disheartened and ready to give up. She doesn’t know what to do next.

She begins to think that she just wasn’t cut out for online entrepreneurship.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. If Debbie would slightly modify the way she thinks about Internet marketing, she’d do fine.

What Debbie fails to realize is, these days promoting a website, ranking high in the search engines and generating sales takes more than backlinks or automatic drip feeds of plagiarised content to an impersonal blog with 10,000 Facebook “Likes” purchased on Fiverr.

Today, running a successful online business takes more than “spun” content. It takes more than posting poorly written, low quality articles pulled from article directories.

Maybe if Debbie hadn’t been misinformed, she would’ve spent her time and energy on what really mattered — connecting with real people about their real problems — then the search engines would have rewarded her for it automatically.

Real people don’t care how may thousands of back-links your website has. Real people don’t want to see “thin content” articles filled with simple information that anyone could pull from the web.

What real people want is to find someone that ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ understands their needs, wants and problems and has the insight and expertise to satisfy and solve them.

The good news for Debbie is that she can still be that person.

How? Through content marketing.

Content marketing is easy to understand. First, realize that people are looking for information. Not just surface information, but information that requires a little digging. They want this information and they don’t want to work for it. That’s what real content marketing is about.

Successful content marketers provide that information with a twist.

What’s the twist?

The twist is quality.

I know what you’re thinking. The word “quality” is too subjective. It’s become so stuffed with interpretations, so “meaning full”, that it’s meaningless.

To some extent that’s true. But for purposes of providing information to real people, we can define quality content as:

Information delivered in original, insightful, educational and entertaining ways.

Quality content is created by real people for real people. Quality content gives a website credibility. And for online businesses, credibility translates into sales.

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