How to Implement Freight Logistics Solutions

FLS is a leading UK electronic freight forwarder/ distribution management company. FLS provides logistical solutions that are based on supply chain, operational, and freight logistics expertise. FLS offers a wide range of transportation services with the ultimate goal to improve our customers’ transport service levels and reduce operational and manufacturing cost. We strive to provide logistics solutions that increase efficiency, save time, money, and conserve valuable resources for our clients. Our core values include transparency, adaptability, customer focus, innovation, and transparency.

We are the pioneers of digital freight forwarding solutions that companies around the globe can rely on. We have over 20 years of industry experience and developed a world-class delivery service that anyone can use, regardless of where they are located. FLS offers a full integrated supply chain solution, including digital freight forwarding, digital tracking, real-time inventory management and full truck and driver history.

We offer affordable and flexible solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of organizations seeking to lower costs and increase operational performance. Our global network includes more than 13 offices. We work closely with our customers to provide the best product and support services. We work closely with our clients to create and manufacture the highest quality products and deliver them to clients all over the globe. Our freight logistics solutions enhance the supply chain from beginning to end for our clients.

Freight logistics services are the management, storage, and shipping of goods between two locations. These services include transporting goods internally via our facilities, or to a third-party, by air, sea, or land. The freight logistics solutions also include warehousing. This refers to the provision of warehouses and delivery facilities for an organization to store and manage their inventory. Distribution involves the movement of raw materials, factory-finished goods, and finished products to various sales outlets. Marketing and distribution involve efficient management of customer orders, billing, and inventory management, which includes the management of holding, updating, and locating inventory.

We partner with our customers to streamline their business processes and reduce waste. We can help our clients improve their business and profitability by implementing the latest information technology. We offer more than just integrated solutions.

Our customers can benefit from effective warehousing solutions through freight logistics and warehousing. These arrangements can be single-stock or two-stock depending on the client’s needs. Our common services include Single Destination Point of Sale, Single Transfer Point of Service and Double Transfer Point of Service. We can provide special services depending on the product that our clients want to move. We also offer freight logistics and specialty warehousing services. These include unloading and loading solutions for refrigerated containers, modular packaging, palletized and modular packaging and tapered and direct vent shipping. Non-stop transportation is also available. We can help customers with advanced logistics planning and supply chain restructuring.

It is essential that we have current and accurate information about the location, stock levels, and delivery times of our customers’ goods to be able to manage them efficiently. This information is essential for all of our retail warehousing services and freight logistics services (including Single Destination Point of Sale, Single Transfer Point of Service and Double Transfer Point of Service). If a customer plans to transport their goods from Canada to Florida, we will need to know the exact arrival and departure times, and whether or not the customer will require any assistance in driving their vehicle across the border. We also need to know whether the customer will have to use special U.S. entry and exit ramps or if they are eligible to use other methods of transport to Canada such as trucks.

We take responsibility for our customers’ needs very seriously. We employ the most skilled and capable freight brokers and fulfillment service providers in order to provide the best possible customer service and meet their specific requirements. We combine innovative technology with skilled labor to ensure our clients receive the best service and value for money.

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