The Chakra System – An Introduction

According to ancient traditions of many cultures and faiths there is a universal vital energy that can be found in all living beings. The Chinese referred to this energy as ‘chi’ whilst in India it is known as ‘Prahna’ and in the Japanese culture it is called ‘Ki’. Today this energy is called by many names from ‘life force energy’ and ‘bio energy’ to ‘primal energy’ and many more names. This energy is very subtle and modern science is only just touching on being able to measure it yet it can definitely be perceived and its manipulation is a key factor in energy healing to which our bodies respond really well.

There are several energy points where this energy appears to be concentrated and enters and leaves our bodies. These points are in the form of vortexes and are known as Chakras. There are seven main chakra points and several other minor ones as well. The energy flows through these vortexes with a spinning motion which is what gives then the name, ‘chakra’ which in ancient Sanscrit means ‘wheel’ or ‘that which spins or rotates’.

We need to let this natural universal energy flow in and out of our bodies at these chakra points in order to maintain a healthy balance because when the chakra points are not open and rotating fully, then the body can start to manifest illness and dis-ease.

The seven main chakra points are located at set points physically in our bodies or in our subtle energy bodies or aura. These points can benefit in being maintained in order allow the energy to keep on flowing and for us to remain balanced both physically and Px7 primal flow mentally.

Each of the chakras has its own vibration and will respond to external stimulus in the form of sympathetic vibrations by opening and spinning faster with more ease. The external vibrations that will stimulate a chakra effectively are principally colors and sounds. The vibration of the chakra itself is very high but as each color has its own wavelength and frequency and each of the seven colors of the rainbow coincides with the lower harmonics of each of the chakras. Musical notes are also able to stimulate the chakras with a note being once again a lower harmonic of the vibration of the chakra itself.

In essence, each chakra will respond to a certain color or musical note. Also they will respond to other subtle vibrations like the natural vibration of quartz crystals or other gemstones. Each chakra therefore has its own associated gemstone that can stimulate it and help to activate it.

When we have one or more of our chakras blocked or better said, not spinning at the speed they should be then our bodies and minds will also be blocked and it can be the root of many other apparently non related physical and mental conditions. A trained energy healer or therapist will be able to balance your chakras in a moment and this will aid the body on its road to healing itself. You can also open and balance your chakras by means of simple meditation exercises.

Here is a very short overview of each of the chakras with its corresponding color and aspects.

First Chakra (Root) – Red – Related to survival and primal energy
Second Chakra (Sacral) – Orange – Related to joy and life
Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) – Yellow – Associated with your Personal Power
Forth Chakra (Heart) – Green or Pink – Love and issues of the heart
Fifth Chakra (Throat) – Blue or Turquoise – Associated with self expression and communication
Sixth Chakra (Third Eye) – Indigo – Clairvoyance, foresight, Insight and Self realization
Seventh Chakra (Crown) – Violet, White or Golden – Related totally to your spiritual connection

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