Dating Services – The Top 5 in the UK

Online dating is huge in the UK. 香港交友網. Two of the most popular sites in the UK are also the two most popular sites in the United States so let’s see why. and are either number one or two on most of the sites that rate the best online dating sites in the UK.

Even though is the second largest dating site in the UK with 4,000,000 members, it shows up as number one on a lot of online dating site ratings. It has an even number of male and female visitors 交友平台. offers a six month guarantee that members will find love. If members don’t find love in those first six months, they receive six more months of membership free. In the UK, Match members can browse profiles for free and use video chat, instant messenger, emails and winks. There’s also a smart phone app for members. Match costs 29.99 pounds per month.

Also showing up as number one on lots of sites is . You can browse member’s profiles for free 識女仔地方. eHarmony also has instant messenger, video chat, emails and winks, plus its famous patented compatibility system. It has 20 million members worldwide. eHarmony has a few more female visitors than male, which is unusual on a dating site – 48% male and 52% female. A one month membership to eHarmony costs 34.99 pounds.

Coming in at number three (and sometimes number one or two) in popularity is the UK’s largest online dating site, DatingDirect. DatingDirect has five million members. They have a high success rate and a money back guarantee. Like, DatingDirect has an equal number of male and female members. It also claims to be the UK’s “favourite dating site” so I don’t know why it comes in at number three on so many ratings lists. It has about 12,000 online at any given time. The website is easy to use, you can browse member’s profiles for free and send winks. DatingDirect also holds speed dating events around the UK. You get a three day free membership and a money back guarantee if you don’t find the love of your life in 12 months. A one month membership costs 29.99 pounds.

Loopylove shows up on all the lists of popular sites as well. The folks at Loopylove think that online dating should be fun and Loopylove allows live chat, videos, instant messenger, emails, winks, and lots more. You can also get an app for your smartphone. LoopyLove has 1.6 million members in the UK and costs 19.99 pounds a month but you can get a three day trial for 4.99 pounds. It’s 60% male and 40% female.

Finally Date the UK must be mentioned. It was chosen, by its members, to be the UK’s best dating site. That must mean it has a lot of happy members! has 3.5 million members. It offers free access to profiles, winks, instant messenger, live video chat and a smart phone app. Date the UK also holds singles events across the UK. 59% of its members are men and 41% are women. It costs 24.99 pounds for a month’s membership.

In looking at ratings of the UK’s popular online dating sites, it’s really hard to tell which one of the top three, Match, eHarmony and DirectDating comes in as the top dating site. While Match and eHarmony are often mentioned first, DirectDating has the most members. So, it looks like you could join any of the online dating services mentioned above and be happy. It depends on your personal preferences.

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