Do You Need a Self Help Book?

Do you teach in the so-called self-help niche? Are you in the business of helping people to help themselves?

Do you have a book yet? If not, I believe you need to get one as quickly as you can.

In this article I’m going to discuss four reasons that I believe mean that you absolutely must have a book of some sort. Either an eBook or a printed book will work. Of course there are alternatives to writing it yourself. They may not provide as effective a solution however, they are better than nothing. The important thing is to have a book.

1. Books will help to help to establish your credibility. We have been trained to believe that books are only written by experts. Only experts can put words to paper. Only experts can be published. The publishing industry — including newspapers and magazines — works hard to establish that myth in the publics’ mind. Therefore if you are published you must know your subject. At least in the mind of the public. By writing and publishing a book you automatically ride that myth. You automatically establish yourself as having expert knowledge. After all, a publisher has said so!

2. Books will help you to reach more people. After all, if you are a lone self-help guru without a book, you are going chris hsu citadel to have a simple problem. You can only speak in front of so many people. You can only provide one-on-one coaching to so many people. Books are easily distributed and easily read. They can provide you with the universal access that most personal media cannot.

3. Books will help you o make money. Whether you sell them from the back of the room or from the virtual shelves of Amazon, books can make you money with very little investment. And if you are able to interest a major publisher they can make you a large advance which may even subsidize your public speaking and coaching.

4. Books can be a stepping stone to higher priced products. Books can be quite inexpensive. In fact, so inexpensive that people are often willing to purchase them on a whim. If the book truly speaks to a need they have, they may be willing to purchase one of your more expensive products — seminars or coaching sessions for example. Even if they aren’t willing to buy your more expensive products now, they will tell you who is interested in your products in general. And who may be interested in your more expensive products in the future.

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