Adrenal Fatigue Updated

Searching For Answers

For years I have been searching for answers to my health concerns and those of many others who have crossed my path. My journey involved years of not feeling well, an illness that surfaced, over three years to realize the emotional core of all illness including mine, and over a decade of trial and error regimens that eventually led me to uncover some amazing facts. I always felt there had to be one core issue that contributed to, if not caused, the decline of health and the surfacing of disease. Many doctors and health practitioners had ideas and protocol, much of which I followed, but it never produced vibrant health for me. I felt I was a yoyo – up and down – going nowhere. So I continued my search.

Providentially, I came upon information that resonated with my thoughts – that a single core imbalance was a significant factor in many illnesses. My continued research uncovered the significance of the endocrine system and how the glands within this system basically run the body. Many doctors addressed the sex hormones, blaming those hormones, which are often involved, as the culprit for my significant imbalances and symptoms. Others said, “Well, you’re getting older so you have to expect some of these things.” Others said it was simply stress. I didn’t buy their answers so looked further.

Through my studies I had realized the thyroid imbalance prevalent in many individuals as well as myself, so began working with this gland. Although taking a natural thyroid prescription did help somewhat with symptoms – cold hands and feet, fatigue, constipation, insomnia – it never really allowed me to feel great. So there had to be more, and as I devoured every article and book I could on hormones, I uncovered Prostate Protocol the significant role of the adrenal glands in the body. Then it hit me – this must be the missing piece of the puzzle for which I was seeking. And like a tire that goes flat on a car inhibits the entire vehicle from performing well, so would an imbalance with one gland affect the performance of the other glands within the endocrine system, and thus affect the entire body’s performance.

Although I wrote an article before concerning the healing of the adrenals, I have a deep desire to uncover other aspects of this primary gland and its hormonal impact. Thus I keep discovering new information that can be beneficial for those suffering with adrenal fatigue. The first article lays the foundation for the information I am now sharing.

What Are The Hormones?

When I reference hormones that must be balanced, I am referring to these: T3 and T4 in the thyroid gland, Cortisol and DHEA in the adrenal glands, Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone in the sex glands, Melatonin that aids sleep, and Pregnenalone the King of all hormones, all of which are aided by other smaller but relevant steroid hormones. DHEA is the most abundant hormone in your body and is beneficial for your immune system, anti-aging and keeping muscles strong and flexible. Like all other hormones, they begin declining around age 40, sometimes even sooner. If your body is stressed, then they decline at a faster pace.

Although the decline of hormones is a natural process, our present day diet and lifestyle wreck havoc on our health and contribute immensely to the greater decline we see today. Changing your diet, exercising, and reframing beliefs and mental attitudes can go a long way into helping to create vibrant health. But why not restore some of the necessary hormones so life can be more enjoyable and fulfilling? Here again, it is important to do some research and use only products that nourish the body and give it high level energy so it can create vibrant health, not just supply it with a ‘fix” to alleviate symptoms. Go for the cure of the core!

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