Richard and Judy Chat Show Dropped

Richard and Judy have been a major part in every British TV viewer’s life for the last few decades. The couple rose to fame when they got a role on This Morning, which they actually hosted from its inception up until 2001. They became much loved on the show that a lot of people actually forgot the name of it and started calling is Richard and Judy judi depo gopay.

After 2001 they quit the show after being approached by Channel 4 to host something very similar but this time actually called Richard and Judy. Again the show had very famous figures staring as guests, but in 2008 Channel 4 announced that they would be airing the final series, however Richard and Judy signed a new deal for a prime time spot on new digital channel Watch.

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But that’s where things began to go wrong, the show lost a lot of viewers, since the initial launch it has seen a slow but gradual drop. But now precisely one year on Richard & Judy will present the final edition of the show on 3rd July 2009, at the end of its current series. So what does this hold in store for the once popular couple?

Well they may have to call it a day as we already know Phil and Fern currently hosting This Morning have already taken their position as the top chat show hosts and they also have a new Saturday evening show.

I personally do not see a way that Richard and Judy could come back from this; especially as Judy has indicated that she wants to spend more time with the family. They have had a hugely successful career spanning over 3 or 4 decades, so maybe it is time to call it a day before they do damage to their career.

We all remember TV programmes which were once hugely successful, and then over the years they begin to slowly but surely lose their edge and viewers, but the channel still keeps them on and changes them to a death time slot. Then one day when you are skipping through the channels you come across a programme that you used to once watch, but so much has changed that you hardly recognise it.

If Richard and Judy continue to push themselves on TV then the same thing may end up happening to them, it’s always better to finish off on a good note, so that people remember them for the excellence they have brought to our television screens.

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