Office Lighting by LED Save Energy – Save Money

Energy is the main issue of concern now days. As we all are aware of the fact that the energy is being utilized in every phase of life today because of people’s exuberant lifestyles whether it is fuel for car, cooking gas or oil, office lighting, electricity for running machines and manufacturing units, for heat and light. In each and every aspect of life demand of light is there.

We have witnessed many energy crises in recent past like that of 1970 oil production energy crises in countries like Germany, US and Canada, hike in price of oil due to gulf war,2000-01 California electricity crises due to deregulation and business corruption etc. There have been regular increase in oil price since 2003 due to increased global petroleum demand and production stagnation in 2008, South Africa witnessed prolonged electricity crises at the same time central Asia was dealing with the same because of cold temperature and low water table as it is dependent on hydroelectric power.

Our population is growing 1/4th of a million per day increasing the consumption and use of energy more for energy intensive lifestyles of people. Above mentioned data shows that it is high time that more efficient, low cost, environment friendly resources should be discovered for the future energy need before it is too late and we have to face global energy crises. Alternative resources that are explored are nuclear energy, wind energy and solar energy. But it is of no use until and unless we use them more judiciously and in most economic way. For this we need more innovative energy saving devices which help us to save energy base for coming future.

LED, light emitting diode (semiconductor) invented by Nick Holonyak jr. (1962). It works on the principle of semiconductors through which electricity can pass. Some impurities are added in order to create negative and positive side and current flows in one direction making a PN junction results in emission of light whereas normal incandescent lights operate on principle of light emission due to thermal 滅蚊燈 radiation i.e., when an electric current is passed through a filament it resists flow of electrons producing heat which is visible as light.

Electricity is mostly consumed in office lightning and manufacturing units. So it is important to use energy efficient equipments in these areas. The main advantage that these LED have on incandescent appliances is follows.LED produce more light per watt irrespective of their size and shape making it more efficient. They emit intended color light without the use of filters lowering initial costs. Due to their small size (smaller than 2mm.) hence they can be easily printed on circuit boards. As they light up very quickly within microseconds they can be of best use in communication devices. They are ideal for frequent on off cycling and does not take long before restarting. Effect can easily be lowered by pulse width modulation. Low emission of infra red light (IR) is a pulse point when used in areas where heat is not the requirement. They burn out dimming over time. Long shelf life of 35,000 – 50,000 hours as compared to incandescent which has 1,000-2,000 hours, shock resistance, solid package designed to focus its light which will work as a great advantage in the office lightning operations. And intoxicate as it does not use mercury are other benefits that make is human and environment friendly.

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