What Exactly Are the Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements?

Time and again you see or hear that you need to have more omega3 in your diet, whether it comes from adverts telling us why we should buy a certain brand of food because it has omega3 in it or from the press advising us of latest scientific research. Now of course they are right we do need to have a good level of omeca3 in out diets and the best place to get it from is actually fish oil because the the benefits of fish oil supplements to the body really stack up when you start to look at them.

One of the first benefits of fish oil supplements is what it actually does for the brain. You see the brain is composed of around sixty percent fats and of that amount about half again are DHA fats, and DHA fats are actually found in fish oil. Now even though we have Sonavel these fats in our brain we cannot actually naturally produce them so we have to get them through our diet, but not very many people in the western world eat anywhere near enough oily fish to feel the benefit which is why you need to supplement. Supplementing feeds the brain and you will find things occurring such as improved memory and concentration and improved learning in children: one of the other things linked with increasing your intake of DHA is that it is thought to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Other benefits of fish oil supplements are the anti inflammatory properties. Now when you mention inflammation within the body people generally tend to think along the lines of joint pain and arthritis, and while they are right and yes a fish oil supplement should help with these concerns, inflammation can actually be a lot more serious in that it can be the cause of devastating conditions such as strokes and heart attacks; but taking a fish oil tablet can help fight against this.

There are several other benefits of fish oil supplements which research is uncovering including fighting against certain cancers, aiding digestion, helping certain skin conditions and many more but to get all of these benefits then it really goes with out saying that you need a good quality tablet as there are a lot of inferior ones out there and while they may be cheap they may be doing you more harm than good in the long term due to polluted fish used in the process of making them.

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