How I Hit the Golf Ball a Long Way, and How You Can Too!

Compressing the golf ball is when the ball squashes against your club face. It is the main transfer of power between your body and the golf ball. To increase compression you need to hit down on the golf ball more and keep your hands way ahead of the golf ball at impact. To practice and increase your compression a fantastic drill is to hit punch shots with a 6 iron. To really force the feeling of this motion you need to focus on launching the golf ball as low as possible. To hit the golf ball further and more accurately compressing the ball is very important.

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Number Two: A better turn into your right side.

The turn is very important to hit the golf ball further. It is the main place where raw power is stored. You need to focus on rotating your whole body into your right hip. If you are looking in a mirror, your hips should stay central as your left shoulder moves across your body and goes under your chin. That is a full turn. 90 degrees of shoulder turn is the absolute minimum we are looking for. Hopefully, this movement will feel like massive turn. If it doesn’t you’re either a gymnast or your not doing it right!

Number Three: Creating more width.

More width is partly created by a better turn. By getting your left shoulder across your body, you will great a wider arc. The best way to do this is to start your golf swing off really low and slow. Also, you need to feel like your left arm is really stretched out and away from your body 파워볼게임.

Number Four: Keep your head back through impact.

Keeping your head back at impact does a lot to help you hit the golf ball further. The reason for this is that not only does it create perfect launch conditions, but it also encourages separation of the hips. Hip separation is a huge power source, untapped in most golfers. When your hips separate, they promote the golf club to drop to inside to hit a draw, but they also create the x factor which is like an elastic band effect. This will create massive distance from just using your body correctly.

Number Five: Hit the gym!

The most powerful muscles in your golf swing are the glutes and legs. They are ‘the kings of the swing’, no really! Your legs and glutes most be very strong to hit the golf ball further. The best exercises to strengthen your legs and glutes are; squats, lunges and leg press. They’re all really easy to do and fantastic to turbo boost your golf swing. Also, you really need a flexible back. Most notably the: thoracic muscles, lats, shoulders and neck. Really stretch these muscles out before and after your golf and you’ll gradually see a huge difference. Working out may be a ‘slow burn’ but nothing great happens overnight. Stick with it longer than everybody else and you’ll be the one reaping the rewards!

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