Florists – Building Your Online Flower Shop

The decision to pursue a career in the floral industry is one that can prove extremely rewarding. Florists not only make a good living, but are able to work with the finest products nature has to offer. Additionally, there are a variety of niche careers available within the field to those interested. Perhaps one of the most lucrative positions is that of the online florist. In this article, we will outline just how to start your own online flower business.

Step 1 – Begin by setting up an online merchant account that will allow you to process credit cards online. Many of these companies make it simple to sign up by filling out an online application, which includes the business name, contact info, refund policy, bank account specifics, and both employee ID and social security number.

Step 2 – Put together a selection of arrangements and photograph them for your online portfolio for potential customers to view. It is important to be meticulous in exactly how the arrangements appear in the photos. This is due to the fact that customers flower gift hong kong will have only photos to rely on when making a decision concerning whether or not to order. Consider taking multiple angle shots of each and upload them to your website.

Step 3 – Outline your prices for each arrangement and input the information into your merchant account. Most online merchants will provide codes or graphics to place on your site. Simply place the code with the corresponding product on your site.

Step 4 – Advertising! Make your name known. Take out ads online and in various print media the caters to your customer base. Research advertising companies who are able to help in purchasing large quantities of ads in order to reach the largest number of customers possible. As you are running an online business, make sure you make the website information the focal point of your ad.

Step 5 – Don’t let your orders build up. Process all orders as they come in. Orders should run through your email box. If not, make sure to set this up through your online merchant. As orders are received, make note of the date in which the customer wants the arrangement to be received and overnight ship them the day before. Keep in mind that your products have somewhat of a short life span and should be handled accordingly. Get in touch with a wholesale flower supplier and arrange for regular orders in order to cater to your customer base.

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