5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wine Online

As a wine lover, you’ll go to great lengths to find that perfect glass of merlot or taste that first, crisp sip of sauvignon blanc. You’ll stand in line at the grocery store checkout, beg the liquor store owner for a list of inventory, even put up with the fashionistas hogging the seats at the grand opening of the neighborhood wine bar. But what if you could eliminate these pesky middle men of inconvenience? What if all that stands between you and that little glass of grenache-infused heaven is a laptop and your credit card?

The Solution:

Buying wines online is a great way to get the wines you want. Before you snub your nose at the idea, read on for reasons why you should consider placing an order with an online wine marketplace.

You’re Living In The Golden Age Of Wine:

If you existed at some point during the 1980s, then you probably remember people drinking rose, the ubiquitous chardonnay, or white zinfandel, that great indicator of a newbie wine enthusiast. Today, wine has gained a greater following and most thankfully, a wider selection due to the development of growing regions in the country. Buying wine online gives you greater access to diverse wines that you would otherwise have difficulty finding in local stores.

Ability To Purchase Boutique Wines:

Love that red blend infused with chocolate-raspberry notes you found on a trip to Manteca, California? Thanks to online wine retail, you don’t have to use up all your miles to fly out for another bottle. You can order in your PJs and in no time your favorite beer delivery boutique wine can be shipped to your door!

Bigger Selection Than Your (Un)Friendly Neighborhood Purveyor:

It never fails. The cashier on duty at the corner liquor store always sighs audibly when you ask her to help you find the very last bottle of grand cru. Or the store owner is annoyed when you make him go into the back room to hunt down a red that doesn’t come in a giant bottle with an emblem of a kangaroo affixed to it. You can easily avoid that hassle: online retailers love catering to wine enthusiasts who know their top notes from their tannins.

Better Deals:

Online wine merchants are more apt to reward loyal customers with deals on free shipping, discounts on wine crates, and free upgrades. Instead of just one bottle of that tasty zin you love, you might as well buy a whole case!

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