Psychic Science in the City of Los Angeles

Psychic Science is a broad term encompassing several distinct branches of investigation into the mysterious nature and practices that we see and feel on a regular basis. This includes psychics, psychics readings, and mediumship. It is believed that psychic ability can be innate or learned, or alternatively, developed through prolonged and disciplined study. The belief is that everyone has psychic potential to some degree. Whether it is instinctive or learned, psychic ability has been and will always be a part of our lives, and in varying subtle and powerful forms. Some people are outright psychics while others merely have psychic visions, feel connected with others on a more profound level, or experience precognition.

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There are three distinct sects of belief that are common to most all forms of Psychic Science; namely, that everything that can be measured can be touched, that there is a connection between the mind and body, and that psychic phenomena are proof that something is present. (A classic example is a clairvoyant’s ability to see visions from the past or future.) These three sects also generally believe in separate concurring forces; a force that brings about creation, a second force that brings about death, and a third force that brings about rebirth the gioi tam linh huyen bi.

A clear example of the first sect is the “school of fortune” practiced by Azusa, California native W.B. Johnson. Azusa was a lifelong practitioner of fortune telling and other mysterious arts and she believed firmly that all things can be accurately measured. That is why the San Diego City Planning Commission rejected a plan to place a 3d digital projection camera in the City’s parks; the camera would supposedly give out a negative answer when a passerby stood in the way of the intended image.

The second school of thought is the one held by Azusa, California native Margret Wise Brown. She felt strongly that all living matter was created equal, thus had no rights or wrongs. To that end, she favoured the removal of any kind of spiritual or metaphysical beliefs from public schools. Unlike Azusa, however, smart-thinking Margret didn’t simply believe that life was at the whim of fate and destiny; in fact, she actively encouraged a “poetic justice” approach to urban planning and design that prioritized human well-being over the dictates of divine providence.

Then there was Margret Wise’s rival, William Rousey, who felt the need to protect what he perceived as the right of every individual to determine the fate of California. He drafted an ordinance that contained clauses that explicitly banned scientific testing of the state’s water supply, required that anyone who wished to build housing projects include a certain percentage of local residents in their construction team, and required that any audits of the condition of local sewage treatment plants be conducted by unsupervised experts. The California State Supreme Court has affirmed that the constitutionality of these laws are beyond doubt. On the same court’s reasoning, a future census could be voided if local residents refused to participate in the census. This poses a serious concern for citizens in coastal areas who would have to pay higher property taxes to the county in order to provide quality public infrastructure.

In response, the Los Angeles School board passed a two-thirds majority vote in May with a resolution stating that the state’s two-thirds superintendency power is exclusive and that it shall not share such power with cities, counties, or special districts. The new ordinance, like the original, prohibits scientific testing of water or wastewater but allows for the collection and testing of informational material provided by interested third parties. Although the new ordinance passed by a strong majority, the resistance of some California politicians and influential contractors has forced the state to appeal a lower court ruling that invalidated the initial zoning ordinance.

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