Exploring Erotic Yoga and Naked Yoga – The Harbingers of Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus

There are various forms of Yoga that have developed and evolved over time. Many of them deal with sexuality (for example, Tantric Yoga), spiritualism, and better health.

It should come as no surprise that there are versions of Yoga that are done in the nude and that have an “erotic” content to their positions and stretches.

Naked Yoga is utilized as a form of acceptance and purposeful release of our naked (physical) bodies, while performing certain Yogic postures and stretches. These types of programs are typically held for a fairly large audience – they are not performed on one’s own, though they can be.

The idea is to help shed ourselves of any “mask” or hang-ups that might be restricting us through our physical appearance, and to gain a better understanding of the non-consequence of our physical bodies in relation to true and higher spirituality. A good example of this is the Tantric expression that “Age is of no importance.” Meaning that a Tantrist does not look at a male figure and see a child, a teenager, a middle-aged male, or an elderly individual. Instead, the Tantrist sees the man, simply, as a man. Meaning that age, looks, size, and every other 飛機杯 physical attribute have no bearing on the importance of the “spirit” of the man. The man is not his physical appearance, his looks, or his age – The man is simply himself.

Clearly “Naked Yoga” is a form of Yoga that will be more comfortable for some people, rather than other people, due to the lack of clothing; as Naked Yoga is typically performed in complete nudity.

Then we have “Erotic Yoga” which, too, has many variations. Yoga, in itself, can be extremely erotic when performed very fluidly and naturally. To see the human form move, almost like a gently flowing river, easily from one posture to the next, is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Erotic in its nature, yes; however, “erotic” does not necessarily mean a sexual “eroticness,” in the “conventional” definition. To understand this, realize that music, paintings, the smell of a flower, a person’s voice, a tasty dish of food, and so many other things can trigger “erotic” responses, while being non-erotic in nature. Eroticness is a feeling that intertwines with many other feelings and sensory impulses to generate an overall and dynamic special feeling or unique mood. Such feelings overlap and allow “erotica” to, unknowingly, contribute to the pleasure we receive from so many things, even though we do not consciously consider them to be “erotic” in nature.

Most erotic forms of Yoga center on developing the choreography of our inner sexuality and releasing and sharing this energy to the world (and universe) around us as a gesture of physical “thanks” through Yogic performation; or, of course, even as a presentation towards a sexual companion (who may or may not be present). Developing such techniques and postures lends itself well to the sexual act, as it opens up an entirely new world of creative and expansive sexual positions to enjoy. The Kama Sutra is a great manual to get a taste of what Erotic Yoga can offer to those who are interested in sampling her delights.

This leads us to the inevitability of Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus. The reason for this is that such Yogic postural expressions and stretching techniques can help men and women achieve such amazing autosexual abilities. Just the concept and realization that such forms of self-oral stimulation have been acquired (through Yogic training) typically fills a person with a sense of power and specialness; in, so wonderfully, a beautiful and non-arrogant way. They understand what they can do; they just have to explore it. It is the package that awaits the child at the bottom of the Christmas Tree on Christmas Morning – One is anxious to open their gift, yet apprehensive of what it might be. My experience shows that the dilution of such fears increases with our continued growth of personal acceptance. Meaning: We are no longer afraid of our gift, we understand the need for our own unwrapping, and we do so without any apprehensions.

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