Innovative Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorders are now very popular among photo and video enthusiasts. The analogue version of the camcorder is considered as obsolete due to some of its inadequacies. It is having no provisions for editing and for uploading to the computer. Again camcorders are now more effective than cameras, as it can play dual functions of the video camera and video recorder. Another advantage is that it can be used to shoot both still photos and videos. The quality of output is superb and capable of retaining the same even after multiple digital transfers. There are various types of digital camcorders available today with different features. Most remarkable phenomenon about digital camcorders is that it has become more user friendly in the course of time. The large LCD screens, for example helps the user to have clear views of the objects as well as to pre-view the recorded pictures. Optical image stabilization is another user friendly feature which can absorb the shocks in the process of shooting. Electronic stabilizer is to retain the quality of output.

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Picture resolution is a very important factor. Photos will have to be clear and bright. There are three main components in the camcorders namely lens, imager and the recorder digital cinema. It is better to choose a camcorder with high optical zoom than one with high digital zoom. Most of the modern products will have optical zoom of 10x or higher. Mini-DV, Digital-8, Micro-MV and DVD camcorders are the types of digital camcorders widely used now. Among them, Mini-DV enjoys more popular appeal. With 750 x 576 pixel resolution (PAL) and 720 x 480 pixel (NTSC) it is capable of achieving compression ratio of 5:1. Micro-MV on the other hand can encode data in MPEG -2 format to achieve higher compression ratio, but finding appropriate editing software is a difficult option. Digital-8 is featured with large sized tapes but its format is similar to Mini-DV. The last one DVD camcorders are for those who do not want to edit there videos.

There are many branded products available in the markets for shoppers to choose from. Some of them are affordable to even people with shoe-string budget. HD Pocket camcorders are considered as good for the price tags they carry. Canon Vixia HG20, JVC Everio G2-HD40, Sony Handy cam HDR-XR100 and Samsung HMX-H105 are a few of such products which can offer high definition outputs. With optical Zoom between 10x and 15x and digital zoo between 120x and 300x, these camcorders have received accolades from product reviewers. There are expensive products also. JAZZ 11.0 mega pixel camcorder is a state-of-the-art product with most advanced features. Canon Vixia HV40 high definition Mini-DV with 10x zoom camcorder is among the latest and most innovative products. Similarly Panasonic AGDV x100B3CCD 24P Mini-DV cinema camcorder and Sanyo VPC-HD700 Xacti 7MP MPEG4 are also sophisticated digital camcorders.

Evolving technology is creating wonders in the world of camcorders. Newer models with most innovative features are being introduced frequently. It is therefore difficult for a product to retain its originality for a long period. Such developments contribute towards stiffer competition for superiority in the global markets.

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