Why Should You Buy Emergency Food?

The most vital element of disaster preparedness is an emergency food supply. It is important to get ready for emergency situations such as economic or natural calamities by having adequate food. There are certain foods ideal for such situations and these are very delicious and nutritious at the same time. It only takes a few minutes to prepare them thus they are ideal in situations where time is of essence.

How to Stock an Emergency Food Supply | Nutrition Diva

It is important to buy emergency or dehydrated food as you will never know when a calamity shall strike. You may get stuck at home or in your car. A hurricane or blizzard may occur that will turn off electricity for days. There may come a time when hyperinflation may occur, the currency might collapse and unemployment will rise thus it is important to store emergency food. Such events are not impossible thus you will need very nutritious food in your house which do not need refrigeration and will last for long survival food.

Ideally, people should have emergency food supplies good for at least three days. You should know all the needs and preferences of your family so that you will know what to buy when preparing for emergencies. Canned foods are important such as tuna, soup, vegetables, beans and stew and can be stored for months. Before buying them, always check the expiry dates. Store them in a way where the ones with the nearest expiration dates will be the first ones to be picked.

Have dry and dehydrated foods always for emergencies. You can buy powdered milk as this can be combined with water. You should also have wheat flour and oatmeal in your house as these are ingredients you can use should you need to bake foods. These are also inexpensive and can be stored easily. Place these in watertight containers.

You should also have comfort foods such as chocolate, candies, biscuits, wafers, coffee and chips. All these can boost your morale and keep you full in trying times. You will be in high spirits during emergency situations with these foods.

Your energy level must be high so as to brave any difficult situation thus you must have dehydrated foods enriched with fiber and protein. Store trail mix, granola bars and peanut butter in your cupboard.

There are special food items that you should never forget to store. If there is a baby in your family, have cans of infant formula always even if you are breastfeeding. If a family member is diabetic, you should also have sugar-free foods and drinks. A senior has specific meal supplements thus you must store those as well for emergency purposes.

Always have water in the house because this can keep you full and hydrated. People can survive for days without food as long as they have water with them. Keep bottles of water in your cupboard as well.

Nobody wants to be in a middle of emergency situations but we can never tell what shall happen. It is thus better to be prepared by buying and stocking emergency food.

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