Do You Want to Be a Truck Driver?

I am surprised that there is such a shortage of truck drivers, or maybe they are just always on the lookout for qualified, dependable drivers and want to keep people thinking about the opportunities. I have friends who have been temp drivers and have enjoyed it. I don’t know anyone personally who drives truck for a living. I see them daily as I pass, I always look at their license plates to see how far they have come or where they are going to. I see them pull over to the side of the 包車服務 road at night when we are on a long trip and wonder if it is lonely or cozy there alone in their sleeper cabs. I have watched, “Pimp my Ride” or something like that on cable where they take cabs and make them amazing accommodations. What is the life of a truck driver like? I think it would be solitary. I would listen to books on tapes all day if it were me.

If you were a cross country truck driver you would see many thing and people. Truck drivers are often the ones to spot Amber Alert victims and their perpetrators as they are the eyes of the road. Would you get tired of sitting or would it not be much different from sitting at a desk all day. I wonder often about truck drivers as we speed past them on the highway. Next time I see the signs reading “hiring truck drivers,” or “temp drivers needed” maybe I will give them a call and see if there is a shortage of drivers and talk to the driver recruiter about what it is really like to cruise the American highways from the cab of an 18 wheeler.

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