Vietnam Travel Guide – Why It’s Important to Know the Best Time of Year to Visit Vietnam

Looking for a Vietnam travel guide? If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you need to do some research before leaving for your trip. Below are a few of the many interesting facts about Vietnam that you will want to know before you begin your journey.

Travel guide to Vietnam - The Luxury Travel Expert

A Vietnam travel guide should tell you all about Vietnam’s geography. In addition to being home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Asia, Vietnam is also home to some incredible architecture. Some of the most famous names in Vietnam are Trung Nguyen, Muang Thong, Hue and the city of Hue. Muang Thong is one of the best places to go if you want to see the rice terraces of central Vietnam. The terraces are called Ha Tien (cropped rice terraces) and are a sight not to be missed

Another aspect of Vietnam’s geography that you should find out about before you go there is Vietnam’s culture. Vietnam is famous for its cuisine, especially its famed rice terraces. You may be surprised at how Vietnam locals prepare their dishes. Rice dishes are usually served at late, night meals and the food are considering very tasty. A Vietnam travel guide can help you learn more about Vietnam’s cuisine.

For those traveling within the country, a Vietnam travel guide should give you some good tips on budgeting. Inflation rates are very high in Vietnam and some goods are priced extremely cheap. If you plan on traveling within Vietnam, it would be wise to keep a tight focus on your budget. While mid-range items like rice and noodles are usually not too expensive, the prices of other common staples like fish and chicken tend to sky rocket. A smart traveler will be aware of this and will plan accordingly by either avoiding expensive foods or, if you must have them, splurging on the more expensive varieties.

One of the best things about Vietnam is the fact that there are countless activities awaiting travelers. Nature lovers will find plenty of things to do in Vietnam. You can participate in everything from hiking to scuba diving to just taking a nice dip in the cool waters of the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake. Vietnam is also host to a number of wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to many of Vietnam’s unique animals and plants. A complete guide to Vietnam travel guide should include all of the best things to do in each region of the country.

Finally, one of the best ways to fully appreciate Vietnam is to visit the most popular destinations while you are in the country. While there are plenty of popular destinations throughout the country, there are also some lesser known ones that are equally interesting and worth visiting. Hoan Kiem Lake is a great destination for snorkeling, and visitors should also make the trip to the Mekong Delta in Phuc Yen. By focusing on visiting the most popular destinations while you are traveling Vietnam, you can truly learn a great deal about Vietnam and its people.

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