French Tapestry Wall Hangings

When it comes to home decor, French tapestries are a form of art used to decorate homes and palaces. But what are the types of French tapestry art and how are they used? We’ll find out right here.

The 2 main types of French tapestries include:

1. The works of Francois Boucher.

Being the first painter to the king or Premier Peintre du Roi in 1685, Boucher had much influence on French art as well as tapestry making in his time.

One of his famous patronesses was Madame de Pompadour. He was known for his work in the Rococo style and his subjects were often mythological as well as the nobility. His style was both peintre 94 classic and romantic and this blend of royal or mythological subject matter yet anchored in their everyday tasks made his work accessible. This portrayal of royal life in this manner made the nobility a natural focus of art purely for art’s sake, instead of them being the exclusive interests of the nobility themselves.

His works became popular in his day, and today his works is said to bear the style that has made French art known for its romanticism.

2. The tapestries from the Gobelins Manufactory.

The Gobelins Manufactory was the leading maker of wall tapestries in France and produced many works that are well known. This production house pro many works which furnished Louis XIV and its artistic directors included Francois Boucher and Charles Le Brun.

The works here are elaborate and detailed and retains that French style of elegance. The scenes in these tapestries are beautiful and reflect life in the 17th century in France. The portrayal of palaces including the Versailles palace was a subject that made this production house well known.

3. The Manufacture of Beauvais tapestries.

Beautiful scenes of cityscapes and harbors as well as verdures or nature scenes are found here. Te work from this region of France are impressive in their composition and sense of color. Their works depict life in the 17th and 18th century France and reflects the way of life and the aesthetics of the time. The style is different to those of the other two in some ways, and for some are their favorite of all French art works.

These tapestry houses competed with each other, including those from the Aubusson region which also produced works of nature including the verdures.

If you look at the works of these different regions, there is the unmistakable style that reflects the French aesthetic.

There is the elegance, the romanticism and the design as well as use of color that has an appeal that is their hallmark.

Today, French tapestry art is used to decorate home as well as palaces. In the past, nobility used tapestries for palaces under the wishes of the king. Today, they are works of art used to decorate homes and which enable us to appreciate the contribution that French art has given the world.

French tapestries are a style of wall hangings that people recognize as French with its particular style and signature look.

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